Buying a big track loader

Buying a Caterpillar 977 crawler loader from an auction, trucking it home, and operating it for a few hours digging into a rocky hill side.


  1. Tim Lazenby

    Tim Lazenby

    Hour ago

    You WILL buy some equipment!😎 looks like fun 👍

  2. mitchell green

    mitchell green

    Day ago

    What kind of bulldozer is that.



    4 days ago

    Sounds like all the rods are knocking!

  4. Jack Jones

    Jack Jones

    4 days ago

    He has all the toys I want

  5. Ronald Johnson

    Ronald Johnson

    5 days ago

    Why didnt you just bite the bullet and get a d10 with a set of rippers and get that hill removed

  6. tycbec


    8 days ago

    A 983 next, then?

  7. Florida Adventures

    Florida Adventures

    10 days ago

    Pretty impressive buying equipment like that. That’s gunna be nice for pushing driveways in and clearing.

  8. Jake Alter

    Jake Alter

    11 days ago

    Looks like it might need a new exhaust pipe

  9. Oriana helena Carvallo calderon

    Oriana helena Carvallo calderon

    11 days ago

    Hola Andrews te estoy siguiendo hace tiempo pero no entiendo el idioma inglés podrías poner subtitulos en español por favor desde santiago de Chile abrazos 🇨🇱🇨🇱

  10. Arvis AA

    Arvis AA

    12 days ago

    Riga Smotrim Latvija

  11. Rayanne Horne

    Rayanne Horne

    14 days ago

    Check your Check book pal. Lhs

  12. captainjerk


    16 days ago

    Nice loader! Lots of fun in that thing! :D

    • Entrepreneur


      16 days ago

      50 years ago i ran a 977 in Autobahn construction. If you have to make a large surface plane it`s not so funny!

  13. Jeff


    16 days ago

    isn't a rule that anything that squeaks is a part that if not oiled will wear out faster?

  14. life long ditch digger

    life long ditch digger

    16 days ago

    Really nice loader the b series cats are a lot smoother do a lot nicer cleaner job like the 963b but I also got a lot of love for old loaders.

  15. mad-_-observer


    22 days ago

    Andrews IRL Minecraft base is really coming along.

  16. Randall Hutchcraft

    Randall Hutchcraft

    22 days ago

    So, was Andrew a popular figure before he got on USgone, and now he's bigger than movie star's of any year or life span.

  17. Chris Madsen

    Chris Madsen

    24 days ago

    Build a ramp to get up top and push the face height down

  18. Andrew Spence

    Andrew Spence

    24 days ago

    Great investment Andy.

  19. Jerry L Busby

    Jerry L Busby

    25 days ago

    I was thinking the same thing but he can’t go wrong with he Cats ! I love the fact if something breaks or doesn’t work right he just fixes it !

  20. ford nut

    ford nut

    27 days ago

    Why not tell people what you paid. I've always told people what I pay so they get an idea what to spend. I've noticed that on USgone everyone acts like it's some big damn secret.

  21. Francis LOCQUINIER

    Francis LOCQUINIER

    28 days ago

    Ce gars la est super doué, un manipule ces engins d'une façon extraordinaire comme s'il l'avais toujours fait qq que soit le modéle !!!!!

  22. Sidewalkchalker87


    28 days ago

    Hey! I didn't see you grease it!

  23. John Dorey

    John Dorey

    Month ago

    U Ghost here and a couple other jpgs jiiuuuii

  24. R D Forsell

    R D Forsell

    Month ago

    R G LeTourneau often said, "There are no big jobs, only little machines". Not many jobs were big for the 977 and 955. Pre-Track-Hoe excavating relied on these and 955. Of course minimum trench width was that big bucket.

  25. zhang jane

    zhang jane

    Month ago

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  26. LaLa McQuoid

    LaLa McQuoid

    Month ago

    Congrats very nice machine !!!!!!

  27. Darrell Roeters

    Darrell Roeters

    Month ago

    Selling the 955?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      nope, I just bought a 988 too.

  28. Paul E. Harrison

    Paul E. Harrison

    Month ago

    Is that a Lowboy only item or is there a 24-ton trailer purchase in your future? Thanks for the videos!

  29. Evgeniy Nikitin Music

    Evgeniy Nikitin Music

    Month ago

    Slick tracks?

    • Evgeniy Nikitin Music

      Evgeniy Nikitin Music

      Month ago

      @Andrew Camarata If you can please turn on subtitles for autimatic translation to other languages. Thnks =)

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      Usually loaders have that style track.

  30. joe s

    joe s

    Month ago

    Probably needs Oil change and Air filter too. Definitely a Grease job.

  31. Adan Noyola

    Adan Noyola

    Month ago

    How much is one of these? I don't see many of them, just mostly wheel loaders.

  32. Jeff Panetta

    Jeff Panetta

    Month ago

    I finish grade with track loaders all day, every day

  33. tim fagan

    tim fagan

    Month ago

    Never really seen to much of tracked loaders in action, they look pretty useless, and seem to have less traction than the wheel loaders, cos you can't put weight on the front idoler to increase traction like you can over the front wheels with a wheel loader when digging into the material. Not sold on the tracked loader!

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      They have their purpose.

  34. Colson Myers

    Colson Myers

    Month ago

    Man that pete 389 is 🔥

  35. Shinigami Lee

    Shinigami Lee

    Month ago

    I always worry when I see a really shitty paint job with drips everywhere. I feel like they are trying to get more than fair market value on something that was beaten to death.

  36. Phil Rodger

    Phil Rodger

    Month ago

    That's a beast! I think they sold it because it needs new tracks. Or maybe you can weld on some new treads.

  37. Donovan Repass

    Donovan Repass

    2 months ago

    Does it have a heated cab? Just curious!

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      2 months ago

      Someone installed an electric heater in there.

  38. Hub Gaming

    Hub Gaming

    2 months ago

    You should get a D8 dozer

  39. griff Hall

    griff Hall

    2 months ago

    excellent!! aquire more toys!! a forever fan.... -griff hall

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      2 months ago

      Ok, the one I am looking at Monday makes this one look small.

  40. Bryan Kerr

    Bryan Kerr

    2 months ago

    Hell, I'd be happy with the little track loader. lol.

  41. mario grizelj

    mario grizelj

    2 months ago

    Pogresno radis sa masinom. Kad utovaras, grabis sa dna i dizes prema vrhu, a istodobno zatvaras kasiku. Kad dignes do visine haube, kasika je vec puna i zatvorena i vracas se nazad odmah.

  42. Pk Fan

    Pk Fan

    2 months ago

    You must doing used equipment business, but never sale??

  43. Michael Malpass

    Michael Malpass

    2 months ago

    Are we gonna ignore the WD40 under the hood???

  44. helmut hoess

    helmut hoess

    2 months ago

    I never understand how your video's can get a thumb's down. I watch you for hours and wish to be young again.

  45. mitchell green

    mitchell green

    2 months ago

    I love the bulldozer you got it looks fantastic.

  46. Американец на 97%

    Американец на 97%

    2 months ago

    Andrew offended the stone that fell on the bulldozer. Bought a bulldozer overtaking a fallen stone.

  47. Eddie Morton Tap Man

    Eddie Morton Tap Man

    2 months ago

    That Cat is a Beast moving those Giant Rocks !

  48. Eddie Morton Tap Man

    Eddie Morton Tap Man

    2 months ago

    Making More useable real estate on your mountain? Terracing it off for more equipment to come ? Great !

  49. Diane Vance

    Diane Vance

    2 months ago


  50. Larry Smith

    Larry Smith

    2 months ago

    Does this mean you need to get your own low boy now? Would be interesting to know the basic fee to have them move your massive loader every time you’ve got a job...

  51. Leo Marcondes

    Leo Marcondes

    2 months ago

    From Curitiba Paraná Brazil. Sorry for my curiosity, what was the approximate value of this machine that you paid for?

  52. McNea


    2 months ago

    Levi needs some cannabis :P

  53. cleonjr81


    2 months ago

    Andrew I wish you would make your videos longer, I am an older person that used to be like You. Know All I can do is watch guy's wrenching and doing things thiere way. Got mad Respect for you Andrew.

  54. Kanaka Maoli

    Kanaka Maoli

    2 months ago

    Cody is inspecting that boulder the left. He is thinking, hey dude (Andrew) don't leave that thing there it's not safe man. Smart dog

  55. tim mayer

    tim mayer

    2 months ago

    Financially, I think Andrew is in MUCH better shape then we can imagine. If he owns a piece of equipment and it breaks, he fixes it in short order. Most of the used equipment he buys was probably sold by its owner for lack of funds to repair it properly. Andrew has access to these funds.

  56. mrdiealot1


    2 months ago

    *Owns a home made castle* *Ownes a dozer and a welder* Just gotta wait till the county or city violates your rights and bam kill dozer 3.0

  57. N Dirt

    N Dirt

    2 months ago

    Watch those track seals on a 977, tight turns will blow them out and tracks will get real loose.

  58. Lord Edward

    Lord Edward

    2 months ago

    Looks like your preparing to recreate the Grand Canyon in New York State! LOL!

  59. Donald Swink

    Donald Swink

    2 months ago

    How you going to haul it.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      2 months ago

      Not planning on moving it. But can hire someone.

  60. Bryan Kinash

    Bryan Kinash

    2 months ago

    A zip line from the castle to the end of your driveway would be an absolute blast!

  61. klaus nielsen

    klaus nielsen

    2 months ago

    14:48 ha ha

  62. klaus nielsen

    klaus nielsen

    2 months ago

    3600$ or 36000$ ???

  63. Lawrence Norse

    Lawrence Norse

    2 months ago

    Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  64. Mike Mosley

    Mike Mosley

    2 months ago

    You should run some of that stuff through a small gold plant and see what comes out lol

  65. Jerry Parker

    Jerry Parker

    2 months ago

    Hello Andrew, you have bought a very good machine in the 977K. I saw many of these in action when I was a young cat mechanic in the 1970's. It has an engine and transmission that are perfectly matched for hard work. Its not often that you see a fully enclosed cab on this model, a very good option. Just remember that digging in solid rock will shorten the life of any machine. I will be following you now and look forward to more videos of this machine. Thanks!

  66. Adam Hallett

    Adam Hallett

    2 months ago

    Can’t wait until Andrew get a flat bed for himself. Diesel creek bought a military 5th wheel form the 60s. Would be an amazing addition if you could find one at action for yourself.

  67. Donald Mends

    Donald Mends

    2 months ago

    Trackloaders with out rippers are practically useless.

  68. Robert Butler

    Robert Butler

    2 months ago

    I know that this machine has tracks but why did you not call it by its right name and that is a bulldozer?

  69. william foreman

    william foreman

    2 months ago

    Pretty cool 😎 👍

  70. Philippine Johnny

    Philippine Johnny

    2 months ago

    the key is to TILT back as you move forward, not lift a tilted bucket as you move forward.

  71. James luther Cantrell

    James luther Cantrell

    2 months ago

    Hey Andrew camarata I watch your USgone videos as much as I can how much did it cost for you to make sea land home and i really like the hot tub and that door

  72. Steve M

    Steve M

    2 months ago

    Andrew, how are you going to move the 977 to jobsites? Can you haul with your larger dump truck?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      2 months ago

      Its too big. I'll hire someone if I really need to move that.

  73. Root Edge Gilmour

    Root Edge Gilmour

    3 months ago

    I need one of these for when i find some cars blocking my driveway or my cars

  74. Joe Laughlin

    Joe Laughlin

    3 months ago

    Good purchase! How’s the track n rollers, sprockets?

  75. Mike K

    Mike K

    3 months ago

    Can you install an attachment on your 977 on the back? It looks like something can be installed there, what is it?

  76. Mike K

    Mike K

    3 months ago

    How will you transport the loader to job sites? You don’t have a tractor trailer. You will have to pay lots of money every time you use it

  77. jake waters

    jake waters

    3 months ago

    I'm just starting in excavation work, just bought a 2021 kx71-3, have a 35 hp tractor , could use some tips on being profitable. What part of new York, I'm in Vermont

  78. Kristine Jackson

    Kristine Jackson

    3 months ago

    How much was it

  79. chop boss

    chop boss

    3 months ago

    Andrew get a roto tilt bucket for ur excavator

    • chop boss

      chop boss

      3 months ago

      @David Null and

    • David Null

      David Null

      3 months ago

      "roto tilt bucket for your excavator" A good name brand rototilt bucket for Andrew's excavator is around $25,000, that's more than the price of the excavator.

  80. chop boss

    chop boss

    3 months ago

    Crazy how low those trailers are

  81. Joeziah Babb

    Joeziah Babb

    3 months ago

    You should buy one of those chinese tandem rollers off alibaba... I'm ordering one but I won't have it delivered until after August so I'd be interested to see if you could get some use out of it. Even if it breaks down I'm sure you could Jerry rig it. I ordered the 25hp diesel model, 4400 lbs ride on tandem vibratory.

  82. heavyearly


    3 months ago

    NOTHING sounds like a 977 working

  83. Ulf Tillberg

    Ulf Tillberg

    3 months ago

    If I calculated somewhat correctly, you spend more money on fuel for your pet projects every quarter than I earn in a year 😊

  84. Chris Teal

    Chris Teal

    3 months ago

    Good machine right there. Spend A LOT of time on one over the years on derailments sites.

  85. mister kluge

    mister kluge

    3 months ago

    awesome- nice looking machine. whoever invented that style of lowboy trailer was a genius

  86. Dennis Fahlstrom

    Dennis Fahlstrom

    3 months ago

    How will you get the 977 to the job site? None of your trailers can handle 25 tons ...or can they? Can the larger 10 wheel dump truck haul something this heavy and a big trailer?

    • David Null

      David Null

      3 months ago

      The cost of a lowboy for a short local move is at least $500 ... then it has to be moved back home another $500. It really isn't practical or economical to have your own motor tractor and lowboy unless you are trucking every day, the cost of insurance and registration is just crazy.

  87. Kurt New York

    Kurt New York

    3 months ago

    Need to get yourself a trackhoe. Only thing I don't see you have, and get a ripper for it, you wouldn't believe the difference it makes with rock and frost. Plus you can charge more ;)

  88. John Smith

    John Smith

    3 months ago

    BABY KILLDOZER... Lets build it!

  89. Ultima


    3 months ago

    Tread on those who tread on you

  90. Paul Spitsen

    Paul Spitsen

    3 months ago

    Your new Cat 977 needs some Caterpillar stickers and a clamshell bucket. Cant wait to see it in action on your next job. Will you have a transporter move it for you or do you have plans for a new trailer? Always love your videos!

  91. Mhurtle65


    3 months ago

    Nice man.

  92. Razaah Omerta

    Razaah Omerta

    3 months ago

    Wow, she takes some pretty big bites.

  93. Man cave Garage

    Man cave Garage

    3 months ago

    Andrew: asks Cody how he’s always wet me: looks at my dog wondering the same thing lol

  94. mvgwizz


    3 months ago

    I’m the same age as Andrew and I love sharing these videos with my friends and family. Both my wife and daughter love watching the new ones together as a family.

  95. Gregory Bondi

    Gregory Bondi

    3 months ago

    Nice! Cant wait to see that on a job

  96. Joe G.P.

    Joe G.P.

    3 months ago

    so do you have a traier and truck big enough to move it ? seeing as you had to hire someone to move it the first time, i guess you don't

  97. Bill George

    Bill George

    3 months ago

    Buy a Cat 992 then you can put that little one in its bucket 🤣

  98. jkwo2007


    3 months ago

    Do you have 50 toys already?

  99. Robert pas paschal

    Robert pas paschal

    3 months ago

    you should see about getting a 1500 pound hammer for your hitichi to hammer that hard rock

  100. Benjamin Beytekin - Construction Machinery & More

    Benjamin Beytekin - Construction Machinery & More

    3 months ago

    Congrats to a 977! Excellent strong track loader.