Buying a wheel loader

Buying a new to me Cat 930 wheel loader, greasing it, then moving some dirt.


  1. Shel Dan

    Shel Dan

    11 hours ago

    Seeing Levi made me tear up, but it was a great video!

  2. o


    3 days ago

    LEVI !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Iron *Fe*

    Iron *Fe*

    3 days ago

    Hey kids! This is the best job ever to slowly start on your own!!! You'll always be in demand. You'll also have all the tools and equipment to fix your own machinery, construct your own property and build your own house, your kid's houses, and your grandkid's houses.

  4. MrRadioGypsy


    4 days ago

    . . . Needs paint and some sandblasting in some spots. Have a blaster yet?

  5. Felix Cicogna

    Felix Cicogna

    6 days ago

    Andrew dump some seafoam in at 9:55 you got there that rubber tire loader here to help a whole lot on getting it started and cutting the smoke down

  6. Alex Burgunder

    Alex Burgunder

    7 days ago

    Wow is all I can say. 👏

  7. Douglas Pierce

    Douglas Pierce

    9 days ago

    Hey Andrew when you open that grease tub up take a 8 or 10 inch drywall knife and in a circle motion on the sides you can clean all that grease thats collected on the sides. With what I saw on the inside you may have enough grease for another month or so.

  8. PapillonMateo


    10 days ago

    Motor sounds good, it digs into the pile really well and doesn’t sound sloppy in the joints. That seems like really good condition for the age. Well cared for. Good buy.

  9. NewbFixer


    11 days ago

    God Speed little One ❤

  10. Kevlin Krueger Trucking & Hunting

    Kevlin Krueger Trucking & Hunting

    11 days ago

    You need to get a scraper. Like what the farmers use behind a big tractor

  11. Steve Hartman

    Steve Hartman

    12 days ago

    Love the low flying drone shots sweeping along the side!

  12. Dawson_Bruinsma


    17 days ago

    What brand is that wheel loader ?

  13. kool shawn

    kool shawn

    17 days ago

    Whatever condition you got it in it's going to be 100% better than what you got it when you first got it when the elbow grease starts flowing. 👊💪🤙🇺🇸🤘🎸🔩😭🤣

  14. Steven Soper

    Steven Soper

    19 days ago

    I hope we can see andrew paint it new again, i dont know why but i love seeing him repaint the used equipment.

  15. Ram M

    Ram M

    21 day ago

    sorry @Andrew for saying, but you need to luern how to work with a loader, you are wasting time and mony, u can flatten the soil every revers you take and pushing more then loading, i work as loader operator for more then 20 years, pleas check you tube for how to operate a loader efficiently, chears man

  16. Andre Gagnon

    Andre Gagnon

    22 days ago

    whats the size bucket compared to the skid steer?

  17. The Truth

    The Truth

    23 days ago

    Poor Levi. The greatest of the great

  18. Benny Ogden

    Benny Ogden

    24 days ago

    Why don't you clean it up man it looks like s*** right now

  19. RPAS


    24 days ago

    RIP Levi ❤️

  20. Dry Roasted

    Dry Roasted

    26 days ago

    6:25 So in the end, did Phil feel moved?

  21. rixille


    26 days ago

    Machines with articulated steering are really awesome.

  22. ghostdevill


    27 days ago

    That bucketloader is to heavy for this transport combination! You need a semi!

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      26 days ago

      No its not, that's a 20 ton trailer.

  23. TheEscape2012


    28 days ago

    That old dog still! Hope he does a few more nice years WEll i just saw that he passed sorry

  24. Markus Joseph

    Markus Joseph

    28 days ago

    If a Dog is 15 That means you took great care of him, good man. God Speed

  25. pablomax3045


    29 days ago

    Nice tractor. AMAZINGLY crappy job on that house wrap though. Those people are going to have a shit ton of rot.

  26. wcompto


    29 days ago

    Love AC's vids, but once again i ask, How come the selfie stick disappears when he films?

  27. Harry’s Vintage workshop

    Harry’s Vintage workshop

    Month ago

    She sings

  28. Mike K

    Mike K

    Month ago

    That blue trailer of yours, what weight does it support? That wheel loader has to be at least 25-30 tons , that’s like 60000 pounds

  29. Thomas Yerbey

    Thomas Yerbey

    Month ago

    Nice work Andrew 🇺🇲

  30. Benjamin Damon

    Benjamin Damon

    Month ago

    I don't understand why you have the bucket up in the air. Do really trust the parking brakes .

  31. Alaric Rivas

    Alaric Rivas

    Month ago

    RIP Levi.. Good Old Dog

  32. Piraten


    Month ago

    We have a Cat 920 at my work, worst wheel loader ever :D

  33. Luca Jung

    Luca Jung

    Month ago

    Geez that things loud without the exhaust

  34. NirvanA1Channel


    Month ago

    what is the last song ?

  35. snorman1911


    Month ago

    Haven't watched in a while. That sure is a nice looking truck and trailer!

  36. LA Prepper

    LA Prepper

    Month ago

    Your toys keep getting bigger 😁

  37. Mountain Block Moments

    Mountain Block Moments

    Month ago

    Need to get me a loader, great video thanks mate

  38. TOMMY


    Month ago

    I remember levi

  39. LaLa McQuoid

    LaLa McQuoid

    Month ago

    Andrew the Machine is bigger than the Dump Truck lol!!!!

  40. LaLa McQuoid

    LaLa McQuoid

    Month ago

    This is what's called tax write offs for people that never owned a business kinda like how Trump writes things off butt on a much grander scale???? So for all you Democrats out there Biden Klan doesn't own a business so what's his excuse??? Trump 2024

  41. Mark Wandrey

    Mark Wandrey

    Month ago

    It's sad knowing this was one of the last times we saw Levi. :(

  42. Charly Lucky

    Charly Lucky

    Month ago

    16:37, 😔

  43. Thomas Sears

    Thomas Sears

    Month ago

    You seem like you like Cat equipment. Are they pretty reliable?

  44. beernutsonline


    Month ago

    Love the company logo on the truck, Andrew!

  45. Cake


    Month ago

    When i was working a wheel loader i found it best drive into the material then lower the bucket as you tilted it towards you. The stuff I was loading tended to fall out of the bucket as soon as you tilted the bucket. I found out when I was actually loading dirt you got more into the bucket using the same technique. I miss operating wheel loaders.

  46. ryan keller

    ryan keller

    Month ago

    came to watch the project, stayed for the synthwave music

  47. Lake George Shingle Shine

    Lake George Shingle Shine

    Month ago

    Sorry for your loss man.

  48. rowland martin

    rowland martin

    Month ago

    Next thing to buy should be a "medium large" chipper. Biggest I've used was 12 hp so perhaps double that or whatever a smaller tree service uses.

  49. mrbmremrn23


    Month ago

    Am I the only one to think there are far too many adverts?

  50. Andrew Yang's Hologram

    Andrew Yang's Hologram

    Month ago

    16:34 Some of the saddest words you will hear, RIP Levi.

    • Bill Van Dorn

      Bill Van Dorn

      14 days ago

      @WinGate Mose oh my I did not know. It's comforting knowing that when we cross the bridge they will be there for us on the other side

    • Bill Van Dorn

      Bill Van Dorn

      14 days ago

      Makes me want to cry and just saying this sentence was a challenge.

    • WinGate Mose

      WinGate Mose

      Month ago

      Yes ! Levi pass away June 4, 2021, two days before his 15th birthday. So very sad. Andrew is definitely going to miss his fur child son ,sidekick ,trusted companion and Job Site Supervisor. Levi ,had a wonderful life because of Andrew. RIP Levi 🙏🙏🙏❤ May God Bless Andrew and little brother Cody.

    • SoupToaster


      Month ago

      So sad Levi passed almost exactly a week later. Goes to show you never know. But we know he had a great life, most of it is on video. Great guy, great dog. Cody has some big paw prints to fill.

  51. Jeff Panetta

    Jeff Panetta

    Month ago

    You could of did that in 1 hour if you had a real crawler loader.

  52. Don G

    Don G

    Month ago

    1Mil subs!!!!! So close

  53. Jazmin Sifuentes

    Jazmin Sifuentes

    Month ago

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  54. realrayra


    Month ago

    lovin' the new? company logo on the dumptruck door. You should be selling hats and shirts with it if you aren't already

  55. Rad Chick

    Rad Chick

    Month ago

    CBD drops for dog from Charlottes Web online can greatly reduce pain from arthritis, gi issues, other problems. Just a suggestion. Love the channel, found you from the Castle Project - Chuck Palahniuk's book of short stories covered 3 men in the US that built castles, a great read.

  56. JordanMatthew Anderson

    JordanMatthew Anderson

    Month ago

    I wonder who's operating the drone or if it has some kind of autopilot thing because he's not controlling it when he's on the wheel loader

  57. tim fagan

    tim fagan

    Month ago

    Doing 67 hours a week on a loader for a long time, your loader operating was painful to watch. But that's just me I'm a picky bastard when it comes to loaders!

    • tim fagan

      tim fagan

      Month ago

      @Andrew Camarata all good man, you'll get better, I was going to say its probably the 1st time you've ran that loader, but I hit the send button before I typed it. Keep up the good work, certainly no way near the worst operating I've ever seen.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      This was my first time operating this loader.

  58. Steve Jobs Michel

    Steve Jobs Michel

    Month ago

    Yeah Andrew camarata, the timelapse of your videos is incredible, also your buddy looks a little bit adult than the other guy.

  59. Jimmy Tjomsland

    Jimmy Tjomsland

    Month ago

    Whomever is flying the drone is doing a great job of recording you working, Andrew!! Cheers to Her, I hope!! It is always nice to be or have a helpmate!!

  60. MIGuy


    Month ago

    Backup alarm is missing/unhooked? Next step up as the business grows will be ... a 980 and then a 988. FWIW ... The 988 is the cash-cow for Caterpillar, much like the D10.

    • MIGuy


      Month ago

      @Andrew Camarata Congrats on the GIANT step. No need to even think about THE 992. The next thing to match up with the 988 for max productivity is a CAT 769 truck... or a CAT articulated dump truck to start with. Enjoying your out-of-box problem solving. :-)

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      Funny you mentioned that. I just put a deposit on a 988b

  61. MrCopyrightable


    Month ago

    Rip Levi ;'(

  62. Angel Carrion

    Angel Carrion

    Month ago

    Levi baby you getting old papi

  63. Angel Carrion

    Angel Carrion

    Month ago

    Andrew your videos are starting to look blurry and you always do good video so why are they coming out like this

    • Seth’s bike hacks

      Seth’s bike hacks

      Month ago

      Looks clear to me. If you are on mobile USgone updated the app where it doesn’t show the exact quality you have to go into advanced

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      This is crystal clear 5k video. Make sure you have it set to 5k. or the max your display is capable of.

  64. AZVIDS


    Month ago

    Awesome dogs! And nice loader too😉

  65. Tony 2026

    Tony 2026

    Month ago

    Great drone videos!

  66. zirzmokealot4600


    Month ago

    Is it bad I wanted something to break. For video watching purposes

  67. R R

    R R

    Month ago

    i feel a tad disappointed that you didnt disassemble the engine but happy for the great buy

  68. Justin Henry

    Justin Henry

    Month ago

    U need to update the lights on it

  69. Byron Roberts

    Byron Roberts

    Month ago

    Good job but way to much adverts spoiling the vlog

    • Seth’s bike hacks

      Seth’s bike hacks

      Month ago

      Now days even if he turns the ads off they will still be there he just won’t get paid from it

    • Chris Williams

      Chris Williams

      Month ago

      I think you love the adverts to much

  70. Robert Navarra

    Robert Navarra

    Month ago

    Thought u said Cody on the video. I was gonna say Cody really put on some years.

  71. Engelbert Rottman

    Engelbert Rottman

    Month ago

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  72. Jack Zeilsdorff

    Jack Zeilsdorff

    Month ago

    Great footage there especially by drone while backfilling house!

  73. Sam Richards

    Sam Richards

    Month ago

    Levi still working well into his retirement but still wants to supervise and do inspections. That’s dedication. 👏🏻 🍻

  74. Ice King

    Ice King

    Month ago

    these sweeping drone shots make me feel like i'm watching a Michael Bay cut of you moving dirt

  75. SpiderElectron


    Month ago

    Andrew is the Pied Piper of earth moving equipment! It's all slowly migrating towards him ;-)

  76. rick8928


    Month ago

    It seems to me that Andrew could have used his pea green big dozer and gotten this job done in significantly less time. Other than it being a new toy to play with, is there a reason why the wheel loader was a better implement for this job?

  77. David Shamiri

    David Shamiri

    Month ago

    That grease pumping sound is satisfying

  78. Bill Badley

    Bill Badley

    Month ago

    Did you notice the stack falling off right away or did you miss running it over a few times. Didn’t take long to inspect it once you found it.

  79. richardttu


    Month ago

    Clearly, the loader is in good shape, so i am happy for you. But i gotta admit, I was expecting a long video fixing all the things required to get it in tip top shape..

  80. Carl Harris

    Carl Harris

    Month ago

    Love the camera work!

  81. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss

    Month ago

    My brother has a Cat 910 loader with the hydraulic quick attach. He can switch between forks and the bucket in a matter of minutes. Nice old loader.

  82. Brian Lemery

    Brian Lemery

    Month ago

    Time to get a box and plow some bigger places in the winter

  83. Rush Austin

    Rush Austin

    Month ago

    Andrew has ALL of my childhood Tonka toys.

  84. Trent Arbeau

    Trent Arbeau

    Month ago

    I was wondering how old Levi is. Doing good for 15 years I’d say.

  85. Tommy Pate

    Tommy Pate

    Month ago

    Now he needs his own rock pit or dirt pit

  86. Eelke


    Month ago

    I gotta say, awesome camera work man.

  87. Frank Hazzard

    Frank Hazzard

    Month ago

    We call that "fill" dirt "top soil" where I live.

  88. O Bazaar

    O Bazaar

    Month ago

    can you repaint that color to its original color and teach us about paint mixing and clear coat

  89. O Bazaar

    O Bazaar

    Month ago

    it doesnt go bepp bepp in reverse....?

  90. Doctor Oops

    Doctor Oops

    Month ago

    Love the red diesel

  91. underoath4177


    Month ago

    Can't wait for the videos when he buys a semi and a lowboy.

  92. Hanley glowka

    Hanley glowka

    Month ago

    Hi I woch your videos everyday tell the team I said hi and I woch thor videos everyday I love you guys I love the video

  93. Bruce Bonkowski

    Bruce Bonkowski

    Month ago

    hey andrew why does the bucket looks smaller and dont they come with teeth on it

  94. Quix station

    Quix station

    Month ago

    sure could use you in my yard Andrew mmmm front tire right side needs more air in it lolz , lotta love Tc

  95. Sylvia Prudhomme

    Sylvia Prudhomme

    Month ago

    Really enjoyed video. Nice job

  96. TheWuFinancial


    Month ago

    I like your dogs. I hope Levi is in good health.

  97. irench


    Month ago

    more proof that just because you can buy a shovel doesn't mean you know how to use it.

  98. Ben Stah

    Ben Stah

    Month ago

    Did you trade you wife to get the loader ?

  99. James Lindley

    James Lindley

    Month ago

    Good Ole CAT 930 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tidy looking Machine !!, Worth Painting !!!!!!!!

  100. TheSphat


    Month ago

    I could watch an hour you moving dirt!