Buying an excavator auger attachment

Buying a new excavator auger drive attachment. Drilling post holes with it. Splitting stumps with the cone splitter. And shaving down stumps.


  1. Alex H

    Alex H

    20 hours ago

    12:49 anybody else see that skull in the leaf pile back by the wall?

  2. Mitchell Ventrone

    Mitchell Ventrone

    Day ago

    Well least I know these eterra augers are weaker than hell, glad I didn't buy one.

  3. Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo

    3 days ago

    The stump tools looked pretty ineffective overall. And after viewing the Drive's lackluster performance turning that splitter, I imagine that if you put a big auger bit on that drive, it's going to bog down pretty quickly.

  4. cmpremlap


    4 days ago

    Cody’s a crack up. Looks great. That stump buster looks cool. Thank god for reverse. Looks like smaller bites worked best on the fresh stumps to avoid getting stuck. Used to have one of those portable hydraulic hose end crimper setups. Definitely nice to have in a pinch.

  5. tonnymiller123


    6 days ago

    that is very expensive hydraulic press you got there..have been using it in Denmark for 22 years :) but can only press Parker fittings, so I have another one I can set to the exact diameter :)

  6. tonnymiller123


    6 days ago

    that looked like BSP cones on that thread...was it BSP thread also?

  7. Kalsang Dorjee

    Kalsang Dorjee

    6 days ago

    you are the real man Andrew.

  8. Mohd Firdaus

    Mohd Firdaus

    7 days ago


  9. Geoff Schulz

    Geoff Schulz

    8 days ago

    love the sound of the crunch as the log splits

  10. C Puzz

    C Puzz

    10 days ago

    That giant Forstner bit grinder is excellent. Saves time burning a out a stump with a fire, but then you don't get to cook a steak and drink a beer.

  11. Frank Mullen

    Frank Mullen

    10 days ago

    what is your fascination for useless devices.

  12. HappyJackSlade


    13 days ago

    another awesome Vlog thanks again Andrew

  13. Julia Townsend

    Julia Townsend

    15 days ago

    That attachment is like something from Thunderbirds. Love it.x

  14. Peter Jennings

    Peter Jennings

    16 days ago

    Not exactly to the point of qthis qvideo, but your 2017 video about 4 way splitting stumps, has me thinking of your hammer attachment to your excavators with a 4 way blade instead of the bullet shaped hammer. I believe you have an old hammer tool that you damaged when you put new ears on the yanmar that could provide the answer with a couple wings welded to the bullets end. Just a thought, no more muscling logs up next to the splitter device, just swing the yanmar over each massive log.

  15. Chris Boek

    Chris Boek

    19 days ago

    U might have better luck with the stump grinder and spliter with higher flow hydraulics

  16. Eugene Minton

    Eugene Minton

    20 days ago

    you'd think there would be some sort of spring or piece to keep it in place long enough that you can hit a target with the tip without trial and error... that would allow for deviation under pressure.

  17. Tim C

    Tim C

    23 days ago

    At 8:42 on the video you added an extension to install the stump splitter. Would it work better if the adapter was a little longer like 12 to 18 inches? It seemed like the drill was hitting the stumps as you drilled into the and you had to reposition versus continuing the drill. Just an idea to extend the adapter. Sorry about Levi. Thank you for the videos!

  18. Pat Ram

    Pat Ram

    25 days ago

    Too much fuel to much time too much time

  19. Pat Ram

    Pat Ram

    25 days ago

    OK we did find a Green stump good job

  20. Pat Ram

    Pat Ram

    26 days ago

    I’m surprised that stump is dead no wonder we drill pretty easy I know you’re a lot smarter than that Andrew I watch your videos

  21. Dry Roasted

    Dry Roasted

    27 days ago

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Wanna screw?"

  22. hack smit

    hack smit

    29 days ago

    Thats one way to get your pallets up the hill

  23. Lonchpad1


    Month ago

    The cone looking attachment is really for splitting logs along the length of the log. Saw it on another video. Great attachments!

  24. Marc Bro

    Marc Bro

    Month ago

    No stuck bolts....disappointing :p

  25. Brandon McConnell

    Brandon McConnell

    Month ago

    Do you need a bigger hydraulic pump for that stump splitting

  26. Cemre Mert

    Cemre Mert

    Month ago

    12:12 theres a skull on top left on the drill :)

  27. MrRtc555


    Month ago

    I think he was using a Sunex wrench. Any opinions on this brand? 😁I’m looking to buy a wrench set that isn’t too expensive

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      Yeah, those line wrenches are sunex, they seem fine.

  28. phung lung

    phung lung

    Month ago

    an excavator makes someone like Mr. Camarata into a super hero!

  29. David Jenkins

    David Jenkins

    Month ago

    Going HAM on that oak stump. Let's go ahead and see just what this thing is made of day one!

  30. Erik Nelson

    Erik Nelson

    Month ago

    Andrew has got it when he squares the stump drill with the tree rings, its how its done

  31. Gene Goodman

    Gene Goodman

    Month ago

    I thought that last one was to drill for a post hole in the stump. Try laying it in the saddle in a horizontal position and drill from the side, or on an angle.

  32. Gavin Bell

    Gavin Bell

    Month ago

    That's one lucky dog!

  33. Windsor Marsh

    Windsor Marsh

    Month ago

    call before you dig, lol

  34. Andrew Mcmurray

    Andrew Mcmurray

    Month ago

    Those Orange ratchets you use they sell them at tractor supply but now they're black

  35. Dale Carselli

    Dale Carselli

    Month ago

    I ordered the cone splitter from Skidster solutions, they charged my credit card and then sent me an email telling me it would be 8 to 19 weeks before it shipped, canceled the order.

  36. Jim D

    Jim D

    Month ago

    Is that a skull by the rocks at 12:57?

  37. Evgeniy Nikitin Music

    Evgeniy Nikitin Music

    Month ago

    Neew more pressure

  38. Petter Tran

    Petter Tran

    Month ago

    The wise cylinder uniquely chew because propane consecutively permit upon a busy hate. ritzy, best toast

  39. Manny From Miami

    Manny From Miami

    Month ago

    casual skulls on the hillside

  40. popeicus


    Month ago

    In the next episode Andrew makes his own attachments

  41. Paul Tanner

    Paul Tanner

    Month ago

    Andrew you are a very humble person and I truly appreciate you!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  42. steven philion

    steven philion

    Month ago

    Where did you buy this?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      I put a link in the description. I think it was skid steer solutions

  43. Mylifeaslilly Xx

    Mylifeaslilly Xx

    Month ago

    ther is a scul 12:55

  44. pr4l viper

    pr4l viper

    Month ago


  45. nfisheremti


    Month ago

    how about hooking up a leaf blower to that stump grinder drill? no need to leave the cab to see where to drill next

  46. Dereck Saintl

    Dereck Saintl

    Month ago

    Here Lies @Andrew Camarata: He Stumped Too Soon, And made a balloon, all the way to Heaven.

  47. Albert Whatmough

    Albert Whatmough

    Month ago

    I think the dog did all the heavy work !

  48. Percy Faith

    Percy Faith

    Month ago

    Better get a stump grinder attachment.

  49. SpagglDeez


    Month ago

    What are you using for a camera these days buhddd?

    • SpagglDeez


      Month ago

      @Andrew Camarata you planning on buying any broken jet skis or boats this summer? Love those fb market fixer videos

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      Gopro 9

  50. Alan Wondergem

    Alan Wondergem

    Month ago

    That stump grinder works great

    • Alan Wondergem

      Alan Wondergem

      Month ago

      And Cody carried your strap for you.

  51. fabiano kuhn

    fabiano kuhn

    Month ago




    Month ago

    Enjoy life 👍

  53. Douglas Fuqua

    Douglas Fuqua

    Month ago

    After that pine, that auger did very well on the white oak...pretty impressive !!! Andrew, don't think I've ever seen you so "stumped" before...yeah I know...that was dumb. Great job, great useful tools. I need a post/shallow well auger like yours...hmmm. Shopping time. All the best, bro. Keep 'em coming !!! --- Doug

  54. Bryan Kerr

    Bryan Kerr

    2 months ago

    That stump splitter looks like it needs some more power. Do any of your machines have high flow? Really cool attachment otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Robert Langley

    Robert Langley

    2 months ago

    Genuine lie, click bait more like it. I wanted to see the giant screw.

  56. Barry MacAusland

    Barry MacAusland

    2 months ago

    When the auger gets stuck, I feel like I'm watching the ED209 robot in Robocop.

  57. やんとくん2


    2 months ago

    I were making TheThunderbird Base :D

  58. Thicok45


    2 months ago

    I have a very similar attachment recommendation don’t start out in the middle chip out The edges first and then work your way to the middle

  59. Marcel Gérin

    Marcel Gérin

    2 months ago

    ANDREW !!!! WHERE IS THE ONE SHANK UP--ROOTER for the excavator.....???

  60. _RocketRooster


    2 months ago

    Cool attachment! Love your vids Camarata! Keep'em comin'



    2 months ago


  62. Albert Long

    Albert Long

    2 months ago

    Only good for making toothpicks??

  63. Jay Nic

    Jay Nic

    2 months ago

    The wood splitter is to small for the trunks. Also trunks ar damp.

  64. Diane Patt

    Diane Patt

    2 months ago

    Awesome new equipment! I need you to move to my town, in return I will adopt you!

  65. next0845


    2 months ago

    Imagine the postman turning up dragging your delivery behind his van 😂😂

  66. Muhammad AL juhani

    Muhammad AL juhani

    2 months ago

    Try it on the rocks 😎👍🏻 13:30

  67. souleater32


    2 months ago

    Cody says ,i got the strap. you bring the stump .

  68. Sparkey


    2 months ago

    This video augers well for future endeavors. :)

  69. Project seXY

    Project seXY

    2 months ago

    That stump grinder is impressive

  70. Ron


    2 months ago

    @ 12.15 a slightly bigger augers than that and we will be watching "Andrew's Journey to The Center of The Earth" lol

  71. 450rhino1


    2 months ago

    That works nice.

  72. seeds0001


    2 months ago

    "Alright that drills holes"

  73. Lasta Lastovski

    Lasta Lastovski

    2 months ago

    Hey hello from montenegro ... you have great videos i watch you regularly and your dog is a great legend to me 😂👋👋

  74. Rena Burggraaf

    Rena Burggraaf

    2 months ago

    Loved that stump grinder

  75. Hermann Lapointe

    Hermann Lapointe

    2 months ago

    That stump grinder is a marvel

  76. Hermann Lapointe

    Hermann Lapointe

    2 months ago

    Love what you do! Do you think a battery operated blower would make your work easier instead of going on all four?

  77. klaus nielsen

    klaus nielsen

    2 months ago


  78. Richard


    2 months ago

    LOL The look on Cody's face when he asked him where the stump was.

  79. Mitchumthegreat


    2 months ago

    Andrew, I thought those stump bits are reverse threaded, I think ur supposed to use it the other way.

  80. Flivver j

    Flivver j

    2 months ago

    that stump splitter likes to smash into the ground when it goes through, careful you dont mash the tip

  81. Lawrence Norse

    Lawrence Norse

    2 months ago

    Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

  82. Neil Billings

    Neil Billings

    2 months ago


  83. kaled raad

    kaled raad

    2 months ago


  84. John Kelly

    John Kelly

    2 months ago

    I am not impressed with the stump splitting capability. One stick of well placed dynamite would do the job a lot faster. Also the power uint is loose. It should be welded to the mounting plate so it does not flop around. This would allow splitting in other directions beside straight down. Suggest a beefier unit from another manufacturer which would not stall while splitting a stump. EZ John

  85. John Kelly

    John Kelly

    2 months ago

    In the beginning of the video you use a cordless and then a corded impact driver. Why two different ones?

  86. MrDavidelliottjr


    2 months ago

    This man is so good woth his dog. He is biting and pulling the strap he is using but says nothing to the dog. No fussing. Just keeps on working. Such a good guy.

    • ITZ Pete

      ITZ Pete

      2 months ago

      Yea I agree he is a good guy

  87. R CE

    R CE

    3 months ago

    That stump auger, is just the thing Wile E Coyote would of ordered from ACME tools, but he probably wouldn’t of saved the FedEx van. My moneys is on Andrew catching the road runner with that bad ass set up.

  88. bpetnoi


    3 months ago

    Am I the only one who saw the SKULL in the video?

    • RAY BAME

      RAY BAME

      2 months ago

      The skull and bones have been there for at least 3 years. It's part of AC's Halloween decorations. He' a wild and crazy guy.

  89. Molnes Woodworks

    Molnes Woodworks

    3 months ago

    Seems strong, but they could have given the splitter a bit wider cone on top to protect the linkage so that the stumps won't always wear on the pins/bolts. And also, would be fun to see if you could make extenders for the pole digger 👍

  90. Canoe Lew

    Canoe Lew

    3 months ago

    Forget this machine and get a stump grinder. Not everything can be a great machine! It is the biggest damn Forstner Bit I've ever seen.

  91. Philip Marshall

    Philip Marshall

    3 months ago

    That reminds me of the time that I had gonorrhea and my doctor said “ son, I’m not gonna lie to ya, this is gonna hurt!” 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Ray Rodriguez

    Ray Rodriguez

    3 months ago

    I didn't know they made Forstner bits in that size.

  93. Safi Anas

    Safi Anas

    3 months ago


  94. bea kittelscherz

    bea kittelscherz

    3 months ago

    Sell that stumpwood to the woodturners.They love that stuff! And I know its off topic but with that drill&woodflakes you can farm exellent shiitake mushrooms. lol . Great Video. That was Fun!

  95. bea kittelscherz

    bea kittelscherz

    3 months ago

    Top notch parcel service Bro! lmAo 😂

  96. carol shawol

    carol shawol

    3 months ago

    Hydraulic attachments are insane

  97. Ιωάννης


    3 months ago

    He took money when he pull out the Fedex truck? Do I notice correct?

  98. John Dobak

    John Dobak

    3 months ago

    Andrew had 10 better ways to get that pallet up his hill yet still chose to drag it. 👍

  99. Tom rizzo

    Tom rizzo

    3 months ago

    I think you should have demoed one before you bought one

  100. icicicles


    3 months ago

    Levi, I remember when he was young and full of vigor like Cody. Like my dog, it's so sad to see them age knowing your days with them are numbered. I know you have a special resting place planed out for when the time comes. We all are going to be heart broken!