Levi the dog memorial

This is a Memorial video for Levi the dog, he lived 6-6-2006 to 6-4-2021
Someone else edited this, I couldn't do it.

Memorial plates: www.ebay.com/itm/184905540733


  1. good ole boy

    good ole boy

    12 hours ago

    Bro 236 dislike what is wrong with people like for real man

  2. MontubeQC


    15 hours ago

    Merci Andrew et super cool ta chaine USgone et merci de partager la vie de Levi.

  3. Joseph R

    Joseph R

    17 hours ago


  4. Mercedes F1 Racing team

    Mercedes F1 Racing team

    23 hours ago

    Not just losing a dog it’s losing a family member it’s never easy .

  5. Mota's Boyz Homestead

    Mota's Boyz Homestead

    Day ago

    dam! man, im so sad, RIP levi

  6. darvin 21

    darvin 21

    Day ago


  7. SPC Calhoun 4653

    SPC Calhoun 4653

    Day ago

    Rest In please little buddy

  8. Eddie Patterson

    Eddie Patterson

    Day ago

    Levi lived a good long life. Andrew it’s hard to say goodbye to a longtime friend and all the adventures you shared with him on video. Rest In Peace Levi.

  9. Randy Miller

    Randy Miller

    Day ago

    Bad day so sorry I know how it is a good friend gone takes Time to get over itYou’ll see him again

  10. Crosis of Borg

    Crosis of Borg

    Day ago

    Omg nooooooo

  11. Vincent Isreal

    Vincent Isreal

    Day ago

    Well this video sux Jun 8 th is my bday

  12. Warren Ramsey

    Warren Ramsey

    2 days ago

    So sorry for you lose! Dogs can be such good companions! You will always cherish the moments you had

  13. bosch wfk 2800

    bosch wfk 2800

    2 days ago

    My dog died on 7.4.21

  14. twerkin the city huh

    twerkin the city huh

    2 days ago

    Juuuuust two days short of 15 years!!!!!! Wow

  15. Bruce Boschek

    Bruce Boschek

    3 days ago

    Halgrim (2.5 year old GSD), Karin and I send our condolences. Losing a family member is grounds for true suffering and anyone who has been fortunate enough to have had a loving dog in their life knows how great the pain is when their time comes. Keep the good memories close to your heart and try not to suffer unnecessarily. Levi would not want you to suffer. He had a wonderful life with you and he appreciated it. Warmest regards from Germany.

  16. o


    3 days ago

    MISS YOU LEVI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Trxvi1Plays


    3 days ago

    long live the king 😢✊✊✊✊✊

  18. billybop17


    3 days ago

    So sorry Andrew......nothing is more precious than our animals

  19. VivaldiValarMorghulis


    3 days ago

    I had 7 dogs, now 2, I know the feeling when they're gone... sorry i couldn't finish watching the video... Levi, RIP...

  20. Franklin Merchant

    Franklin Merchant

    3 days ago

    I know I am way behind on this, but I had to comment because I keep waiting for you to say his name in your videos. Sorry for your loss man.

  21. Delores Mckinniss

    Delores Mckinniss

    3 days ago

    So very sorry for your loss Andrew. RIP Levi 🙏

  22. Iron *Fe*

    Iron *Fe*

    3 days ago

    Farewell Cody! You'll always be in our hearts... I suppose you're just the new foreman upstairs.

  23. Family Engineering

    Family Engineering

    3 days ago

    I downvoted this because im sad

  24. Belejebkaan A

    Belejebkaan A

    4 days ago

    I just lost my dog on February 1, 2021. She came into my life after she was dumped in the neighborhood, pregnant and alone. She had a litter of four puppies in the crawlspace under the house across the street.. The pups were promptly adopted when they came of age. One still lives down the street and looks just like mom. I took her on numerous hiking adventures every week. Anytime she saw the backpack come out, she was ready to go. As she grew older, her adventures became less and less. She was 15 or 16 when I finally had to put her to sleep. I miss her tremendously as you definitely miss Levi. My condolences...

  25. александр елохин

    александр елохин

    4 days ago

    хороший пёс был

  26. cmpremlap


    4 days ago

    Sorry to hear about Levi buddy. That’s rough.

  27. Drew Green

    Drew Green

    4 days ago

    My black lab, Daisy, lived for 14 years. She was literally the best dog I've ever had.

  28. Fermion JJ

    Fermion JJ

    5 days ago

    233 miserable twits

    • Fermion JJ

      Fermion JJ

      5 days ago

      RIP Levi x



    5 days ago

    My dog died in April & its tough. Bless you for being a dog lover & Im sure Levi was very happy.

  30. Charles Griffith

    Charles Griffith

    5 days ago

    Damn....is that sad....looks like he had a wonderful life but why can't they live forever?

  31. Timex


    5 days ago

    that hurts every time

  32. Cliff Bowen

    Cliff Bowen

    6 days ago

    so sad to hear the job inspector has passed RIP Levi

  33. Fredrick Verrett

    Fredrick Verrett

    6 days ago

    I cryed that i won't see levi anymore love him

  34. M J

    M J

    6 days ago

    I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Levi. I have always enjoyed watching you and your dogs especially Levi. Again sorry and continue making videos and treating your animals as part of the family.

  35. Wesley Platek

    Wesley Platek

    6 days ago

    I'm very sorry for your loss. I really enjoy your video. Your dogs have always played a special part in making your videos great

  36. DaisyLee1963


    6 days ago

    What a beautiful video! So sorry to learn of Levi's death. I can tell from the video that you gave him the perfect dog life, he was a happy dog. Both of you were blessed.

  37. JoeBarb JB

    JoeBarb JB

    7 days ago

    Dogs you love never live long enough. This made me tear up. I was heartbroken when my hound Luke born in my house 12/06 suddenly passed 2/19. My best pal and explorer,never lived one minute with anyone but my wife and I . Have his ashes and a million pictures .Luke will live forever in my memories and heart. Loved to watch Levi and feel your loss.

  38. Couple 2 Tree Inovations

    Couple 2 Tree Inovations

    7 days ago

    sorry for your loss Its a hard thing to go through he was a lucky dog to be loved so much

  39. blyguy


    7 days ago

    Such a cool dog, sorry for your loss. I had to put mine down a few years ago. They are family.

  40. Jorge Neves

    Jorge Neves

    7 days ago

    Cry. I liked him even without knowing him.

  41. 咚咚嗆


    7 days ago

    忠心的好夥伴! 離別時的不捨! 加油!

  42. Julian Perry

    Julian Perry

    7 days ago

    Sorry for your loss. He always looked like he was enjoying every minute.

  43. Larry Cain

    Larry Cain

    7 days ago

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend and companion, I enjoyed watching the montage of his wonderful and loved life, You were truly a great Friend to him and for that you received unconditional Love back! He will be missed....Larry

  44. Timothy Zimmerman

    Timothy Zimmerman

    7 days ago

    What a beautiful dog.

  45. Mr Nice Guy 69

    Mr Nice Guy 69

    7 days ago

    Rest In Peace Levi you were a great dog and hope the after life treats u well

  46. turnerbrayden 23

    turnerbrayden 23

    7 days ago

    Thats the best life any dog could have

  47. twerkin the city huh

    twerkin the city huh

    7 days ago

    Awww Levi ....I will miss you!!!!

  48. FreeStang 66

    FreeStang 66

    7 days ago

    I don't know why this just popped in my feed, over a month late. I'm so sorry for the loss of your four legged friend. I lost mine on 4/30. Levi sure lived the dream for any dog, I'm sure. Had to LOL when he caught the burger. The bun and veggies just parted, while the meat patty went straight in his mouth!

  49. Jethro Kiefer

    Jethro Kiefer

    8 days ago

    I bet he loved to be in all of your vids it was very sad when my hamster died

  50. Wildman


    8 days ago

    God Bless they are family just like losing a loved one so sad sorry

  51. Phyllis G

    Phyllis G

    8 days ago

    Anyone who has ever had a beloved dog 🐶 knows your pain. I cried and laughed through this. What a special dog, and that’s because of his special owner! What a great life you gave him, such a cool dog. Our hearts are with you! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us 🥰

  52. Paul Livingston

    Paul Livingston

    8 days ago

    Greetings from East TN. So sorry to hear about Levi. My condolences. I'm a great animal lover my self. I'm fairly new to your channel and I must say I enjoy them very much. Its almost like we the audience are right there with you on your adventures and your jobs. I've learned a lot plus I've also been entertained at the same time. Pet Cody for me and keep up the awesome work.

  53. Tri Fleming

    Tri Fleming

    8 days ago

    Awesome footage. RIP Levi awwwww. 🐕‍🦺🥀

  54. Schnoogans McDuff

    Schnoogans McDuff

    8 days ago

    What a life!! You guys lived quite the life together. So sorry for your loss.

  55. PinkLady Bikermamma

    PinkLady Bikermamma

    8 days ago


  56. andrew nimash

    andrew nimash

    8 days ago

    sorry for your loss bless you and all that you do i wish you well and good things

  57. Ken Allen

    Ken Allen

    9 days ago

    He was lucky to have you, as lucky as you were to have him. Great times, Great life, greater memories!

  58. ollie rose

    ollie rose

    9 days ago

    I comment on this video when it came out a while ago saying I had a soft spot for dogs having two myself, I have just found out my chocolate lab is coming to the end of his adventure, I always watch Andrews videos and say one day I will be like him, me and my chocolate lab have grown up together and we always went on little adventures like Andrew and Levi, it really hits home losing or hearing about maybe losing them.

  59. Vic Terraglia

    Vic Terraglia

    9 days ago

    We came to watch you work. We stayed to watch Levi. Sorry for your loss, Andrew.



    9 days ago

    a great dog blessed us with his presence !

  61. Dope Flakes

    Dope Flakes

    9 days ago

    It's always heartbreaking when they go. I feel it. I understand. I lost my little buddy 4 years ago. Had him for 14 yrs. Dogs are Angels sent here to teach us unconditional LOVE. Prayers & Hugs from my little girls for you.

  62. mike ford

    mike ford

    9 days ago

    Sry for your lose brother an taking so long to post hard to lose a dog there like your kids condolences to u an family peace

  63. Jason Whatley

    Jason Whatley

    9 days ago

    Im sorry man. What a life!

  64. Walter Scharff

    Walter Scharff

    9 days ago

    sorry for your loss rainbow bridge took a good one, stay strong

  65. josh Macmillan

    josh Macmillan

    9 days ago

    Sorry brother

  66. Jerry Davis

    Jerry Davis

    9 days ago

    Sorry for the loss Andrew...we the subscribers enjoyed his time on your videos too...hard to lose a pet that means so much to us..

  67. Lorne Cox

    Lorne Cox

    10 days ago

    What kinda cake is it? Birthday cake

  68. Ionut Geanta

    Ionut Geanta

    10 days ago


  69. Lorne Cox

    Lorne Cox

    10 days ago

    He was definitely a good dog

  70. john kimmins

    john kimmins

    10 days ago

    My condolences for your loss, Andrew.

  71. Dave Rohner

    Dave Rohner

    10 days ago

    Im crying

  72. msantos38


    10 days ago

    I watch your video's religiously when they come out. I took me until today to get up the nerve to watch this one. I lost my lab, Mandy in February and it was still a little too raw for me at the time. I know Millions of people love you and Love Levi. I'll let him know to keep an eye out for Mandy on the other side!

    • msantos38


      10 days ago

      I made it 7 minutes in and I need to take a break, ill resume later

  73. Wire Feed

    Wire Feed

    10 days ago

    Awesome Dog, Best Friend , He loved every minute of the amazing adventure filled full life you shared, his memory will live on in these videos and forever in your heart.

  74. Julio Corrales

    Julio Corrales

    10 days ago

    Sorry to hear that mate , he was a cool dog

  75. Ken Webster

    Ken Webster

    10 days ago

    i am so sorry for your loss. im sure we all will miss seeing him.

  76. rickey nixon

    rickey nixon

    10 days ago

    I’m so sorry to hear this Andrew🥺 I’m 16 and I’m trying to start my own excavation business and I’m struggling a lot and your videos inspire me everyday! Keep doing what your doing its great

  77. klas V

    klas V

    11 days ago

    i'm sorry for your loss, I had a dog in my early life the same was, i had he for 14 years , i still remember him.

  78. Ray Parker

    Ray Parker

    11 days ago

    I had a little cat that was with me until recently She was 18.

  79. Kevin Byrne

    Kevin Byrne

    11 days ago

    Loosing a pet is hard. They become family

  80. Kelly B.

    Kelly B.

    11 days ago

    Love the birthday party! I’m sure he is still there in spirit!! Sorry for your loss! ❤️

  81. Dillon Ducharme

    Dillon Ducharme

    11 days ago

    Levi was truly a man's best friend you gave him the most amazing 15 years he could of asked for it's so hard to loose someone so special to you I know the pain your going threw you have an amazing fan base here to support you and help you threw it

  82. Paul Brasier

    Paul Brasier

    11 days ago

    Levi sure brought me a lot of smiles and I want to thank you for sharing him with and how well you loved him. RIP Levi..😪

  83. Scotty Lo

    Scotty Lo

    11 days ago

    Probably the hardest video you ever made. It’s nice to have so many video’s of your pets. Something definitely got in my eye while watching this tribute. Sorry for your loss.

  84. Robin Persson

    Robin Persson

    11 days ago

    Iam just crying right now From Sweden

  85. john huyvaert

    john huyvaert

    11 days ago

    So So sorry for your loss Andrew. He will be missed

  86. Son's of Ivaldi's forge and workshop

    Son's of Ivaldi's forge and workshop

    12 days ago

    salute to the pup ..take care

  87. สาวน้อยฮอนด้า พากิน พาเที่ยว

    สาวน้อยฮอนด้า พากิน พาเที่ยว

    12 days ago

    เสีใจด้วครับ RIP

  88. Laurence French

    Laurence French

    12 days ago

    Sorry for your Lose. Levi gave me a lot of joy in his adventures

  89. juvenal adriano morais neto

    juvenal adriano morais neto

    12 days ago

    😢 muito triste mas ele esta começando uma nova vida 🙏

  90. Njh44


    12 days ago

    So sorry to hear about Levi he had a great life with you. Stay strong and know he is in a better place watching over you and your family. I lost my chocolate lab he was 12 years old I understand what you must be going through.

  91. K Aluthwaththa ralalage

    K Aluthwaththa ralalage

    12 days ago

    Very sorry about your loss. Thank you for sharing with us.. I feel your pain..

  92. jim


    12 days ago

    Been watching you and Levi for long time. Loved the birthdays. He was a good old boy

  93. Northwind Garage

    Northwind Garage

    12 days ago

    Sorry to hear about Your loss Andrew.. He was a cool Dog!! You are blessed to have had in your life!! We will miss seeing him in your videos!! Our condolences..Your a good Dog Dad!! Love the shot where you tossed him a creemee cone 😊

  94. napalm6969


    12 days ago

    It's awesome that you have so much footage and memories of him nothing like a man's best friend he was a great dog and will always watch over you and the new found best friends you will have over the years

  95. napalm6969


    12 days ago

    I'm sorry to hear about this Andrew sending my condolences

  96. Emma Lewis

    Emma Lewis

    13 days ago

    Dogs are the best people - huge loss. Blessings Levi - we will miss your gentle presence.

  97. john hicks

    john hicks

    13 days ago

    Dogs and more loyal than any people ever know how to be

  98. Christopher Gerry aka Uncle Chris

    Christopher Gerry aka Uncle Chris

    13 days ago

    Sorry for your loss. Dogs are like family. No, dogs ARE FAMILY.

  99. jaywilliam119966


    13 days ago

    I cried so hard, I never met you but it’s like Ik you and your dog, I’ll sure miss ol boy

  100. Phoenix Ascendant

    Phoenix Ascendant

    13 days ago

    Levi's resting his paws now. Rest in peace, handsome pupper.