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  1. Nicolas Giant

    Nicolas Giant

    22 days ago

    Andrew quiero tus remeras , y toda tu merchandising son hermosas

  2. Ralph Gwynn

    Ralph Gwynn

    Month ago

    Andrew is living his best life and we're all lucky to go along on the ride, keep up the good work!🙏👍🇺🇲

  3. Loopwhole


    Month ago

    How about shirts that says “At Some Point I Need To Stop Breaking Things”

  4. Loopwhole


    Month ago

    Dude is inspirational and a legend! Greetings from Texas Mr. Camarata!

  5. Electric Sheep

    Electric Sheep

    Month ago

    Asking Price: $699,000 Zillow Estimate: $156,000 - 230,000 Yikes.

  6. Kirk Rogers

    Kirk Rogers

    Month ago

    I would like to purchase from you and I don’t know what the code is, can you help me out my friend?

  7. Hayden Davis

    Hayden Davis

    Month ago

    Hey Andrew, do you think you can make a T shirt of your two pickup trucks, because those are apart of your equipment fleet.

  8. Lee Marsden

    Lee Marsden

    2 months ago

    I have to order a shirt

  9. Tom Roger Edvardsen

    Tom Roger Edvardsen

    2 months ago

    Awesome :-) Cute with those paws on the bits. Dogs be dogs.

  10. James Friery

    James Friery

    2 months ago

    I'd love a t shirt. Unfortunately I live in Croatia. Postage would be too high.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      2 months ago

      Check, it might not be, they ship from all over.

  11. Davidnumber23


    2 months ago

    I like the lets get to work mug

  12. GRW


    2 months ago

    Andrew is garnering roughly 1k new followers every 36ish hours. And honestly I don’t know of any channel that deserves it more.

  13. FamilyGene


    3 months ago

    Andrew will encourage an entire generation to love heavy equipment

  14. Yazen Kaissi

    Yazen Kaissi

    3 months ago

    Does anyone else have trouble when proceeding to pay with PayPal? I used 2 different credit cards, refreshed the page, logged into PayPal and still says cannot process payment at this time. Can someone help here

  15. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift

    3 months ago

    Nice new Merchandise Andrew! I bet you can't wait for the Cybertruck to come out to test it.

  16. Alexanders landscaping

    Alexanders landscaping

    3 months ago

    Hey bud good videos man like the shirts,send me link

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      3 months ago

  17. Eric Czock

    Eric Czock

    3 months ago

    What happened to the eye Andrew ?

  18. naranjo99


    3 months ago

    Hi Levi !

  19. Matt Polomzki

    Matt Polomzki

    3 months ago

    Would i be able to have some shipped over to uk/europe?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      3 months ago


  20. Manny Moe-Foe

    Manny Moe-Foe

    3 months ago

    I just purchased some land in northern Wisconsin and dang near every video comes in handy. Deff buy me some merch !! Keep up the awesome videos.

  21. Kirk Rogers

    Kirk Rogers

    3 months ago

    I love ole Levi, that Cody is one silly pup! They’re both awesome Andrew!

  22. Edvards Grube

    Edvards Grube

    3 months ago

    Dreams do come true

  23. Edwige Cousin

    Edwige Cousin

    3 months ago

    Prix grand serviette et tasse s il vous 2

  24. Last Preatorian

    Last Preatorian

    3 months ago

    So two shirt ideas need to happen. 1. Your classic statement of saying “Well that’s fixed” And the best of all now. 2. It’s a silhouette of you holding the bathing suit bottom saying “That’s cool!” 😂😂😂 Your hands down my favorite to watch.

  25. Laurence Stephens

    Laurence Stephens

    4 months ago

    Very cool u should send me shirt for being your number one fan

  26. turbocat1984


    4 months ago

    Pretty happy I got one of the originals hand packed by you :)



    4 months ago

    How much? How to buy? Where is the link ?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

  28. Mr. Steve

    Mr. Steve

    4 months ago

    That bikini needs a model in it. am curious of the paw print visuals

  29. Lar Simin

    Lar Simin

    4 months ago

    So hard for me to watch levi best buddy passed a year ago..i hope levi has a peaceful journey into the next adventure.

  30. Matt S

    Matt S

    4 months ago

    I think you need a shirt that highlights your mannerisms. "This Broke, Let's Fix it" "I'm on this job today" "This is wrong, let's correct it" "I bought this today" ... add your image...

  31. Duke V

    Duke V

    4 months ago

    Make em in the USA and I'll buy one

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      I am not sure where these are made. I used to buy bulk shirts (and they came from all different country's), and I had a local guy print them, then I shipped. But this print to ship service is better.

  32. Justin sullivan

    Justin sullivan

    4 months ago

    He is so nice

  33. Rayane Herrera

    Rayane Herrera

    4 months ago


  34. robert nolastname

    robert nolastname

    4 months ago

    Levi is so precious. he is so sweet and getting so old. its obvious he is having troubles getting around. i feel sorry for the little guy but i know he is well loved by Andrew. Cody is such a good compliment to Andrews personality.

  35. OTᗩᖇ


    4 months ago

    Are you going to get the Cybertruck?

  36. flailios


    4 months ago

    Levi is getting old. He's still such a beautiful boy. It warms my heart, as well as saddens me.

  37. fuzzyjax


    4 months ago

    Alright Let’s go do something else I want that tee!

  38. Ruben Mobo

    Ruben Mobo

    4 months ago

    you should make a video animation children's show, lol. alright let's get to work!

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      Children can watch this stuff. They'll mostly like it

  39. Deb from the mill

    Deb from the mill

    4 months ago

    I love the T shirts dresses

  40. Adam


    4 months ago

    My shirt I ordered awhile back probably got sent back damn USPS.

  41. Chuck U. Farley

    Chuck U. Farley

    4 months ago

    Those shirts look great, unfortunately I read the privacy policy on that website. Lol, there is none. I’m sorry Andrew, that seems shady AF. I just want a t-shirt, not start a nightmare of robo-calls and text messages from whoever those people sell my info to. I know it’s hard trying figure out how to take care of your fans, but there’s gotta be a better way. I don’t like sites that turn consumers into the product. I love your videos, thanks for making them!

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      I don’t think that’s the case, let me talk to the guy that help set that up, you’re the first person to mention it, for the most part everyone has been happy with their shirts.

  42. MJM’s Workshop

    MJM’s Workshop

    4 months ago

    Who did you go with for fulfillment? I tried one company for my channel and ordered a few samples and the quality just wasn’t good. Your shirts look like they are much better quality.

  43. Cameron Noble

    Cameron Noble

    4 months ago

    ANDREW you gotta wear your own shirts to get people to buy them

  44. TubeScavenger


    4 months ago

    We need a broken mug that's been glued back together that says 'Alright, that's fixed' on the side.

  45. TubeScavenger


    4 months ago

    We need a radio installation chainsaw shirt.

  46. Aiden Riley

    Aiden Riley

    4 months ago

    You dropped the ball on making a shirt that says "I'm good with that"

  47. goldie nelson

    goldie nelson

    4 months ago

    Dash trim shirt....epic

  48. SkinnySkinch


    4 months ago

    Andrew apparently has like 2-400 haters what watch his videos instantaneously and dislike it before even watching. It's funny how jealous some grown ass men get over other peoples success stories. No reason to dislike this video just pure jealously.

  49. Noah 12

    Noah 12

    4 months ago


  50. Carlos Gaspar-luna

    Carlos Gaspar-luna

    4 months ago

    I’m just going to buy it Bc he’s cool

  51. Шура Шуров

    Шура Шуров

    4 months ago

    Андрюх высылай подарки в Россию с удовольствием буду носить

  52. Alvera Davis

    Alvera Davis

    4 months ago

    Cool stuff !

  53. jon ran

    jon ran

    4 months ago

    Smartest guy on USgone. I will be ordering some merchandise.

  54. bobrat


    4 months ago

    I love your Woofs

  55. andrew Voegtle

    andrew Voegtle

    4 months ago

    When he pulled out the bikinis I lost it! 😂

  56. 2H80vids


    4 months ago

    Good move using a mailing company Andrew. These are going to sell in some serious numbers and you don't want to be stuck in the castle wrapping t-shirts. Good luck with the merch and maybe, without giving away trade secrets, you can give us an idea of how many swimsuits you're shifting.😁

  57. Ronald Gaska

    Ronald Gaska

    4 months ago

    So nice to see that you are including something for everyone. Loving that you put the pups Levy & Cody on mugs. Spring is here and with that lots of work ahead. Hope to see more videos. Blessings.

  58. libb3n


    4 months ago

    You know the phrase, will it blend? Andrew needs to pick one of his lines and just run with it :) Everybody chip in their favorite suggestions! "There I fixed it" is one of my favorites. Maybe have chainsaw with a nice creative touch as background and the text ontop of it with blended nicely :)

  59. Serzh Dyubro

    Serzh Dyubro

    4 months ago

    That is the strange feeling when I really would like to buy the t-shirts from this man.

  60. Brooke Overholt

    Brooke Overholt

    4 months ago

    Just bought the classic sweater can’t wait till it gets here

  61. Htpc User

    Htpc User

    4 months ago

    "That should last at least 100 years"

  62. hery subagij

    hery subagij

    4 months ago

    hi andrew i like your video

  63. Thomas Dobrenick

    Thomas Dobrenick

    4 months ago

    Finally wow hoo

  64. electricalron


    4 months ago

    Ladies??? Ladies watch this? You've got to be kidding me. I'm picking me up a few things for sure. Tis channel keeps me entertained for hours on end.

  65. Lee


    4 months ago

    Digging holes to selling paw panties 😆 Andrew u never cease to amaze me 😂

  66. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza

    Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza

    4 months ago


  67. Ovadya Rachman

    Ovadya Rachman

    4 months ago

    Andrew just can't wait for the cyber truck!

  68. ClipzNidas


    4 months ago

    Hell yea, already bought a fridge magnet, will hopefully buy more

  69. Bocah Welding

    Bocah Welding

    4 months ago

    Like join my friends ❤🖤😀

  70. RAH Capital

    RAH Capital

    4 months ago

    how about a hot pink MANKINI. you model it for us first-lol

  71. Timothy Jerry

    Timothy Jerry

    4 months ago

    Do a “Changing a D8 dozer starter with a skid steer” tee shirt

  72. daveknowshow


    4 months ago

    I'm proud to have one of your original shirts.

  73. Noah Peters

    Noah Peters

    4 months ago

    Showing bathing suit: “That’s cool, look at that”😝

  74. PossumKing


    4 months ago

    Hats. You need hats. beanies and ballcaps

  75. marxman00


    4 months ago

    "Broke for no reason" T shirt please

  76. Oby-1


    4 months ago

    Where is the "Ok, that's fixed" t-shirt? I would buy one. Has to have an excavator on it.

  77. محمد m.m

    محمد m.m

    4 months ago


  78. Perspectives Iwantoknow

    Perspectives Iwantoknow

    4 months ago

    What I love about Andrew is how gentle and loving he is to Levi and Cody even when the latter doesn’t give back stolen gloves😆 Great merch.

  79. Tommy Boy

    Tommy Boy

    4 months ago

    Pretty cool! I still love the classic!

  80. Charles Lamontagne

    Charles Lamontagne

    4 months ago

    ok, i will forgive on such post....every one has to make a living

  81. euonymus1980


    4 months ago

    Cyber truck? Did i miss a video or something? Fill me in please!

  82. Claudio


    4 months ago

    Clin caja!!

  83. JustAnAverageBrad


    4 months ago

    might be time to build Levi one of those doggy wheelchair type carts for his rear end

  84. Curtis Berg

    Curtis Berg

    4 months ago

    Awesome shirts, but the bikini is by far the best!!!

  85. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson

    4 months ago

    "This broke for no reason at all." "There's my zero turn. Stuck in nothing"

  86. Boss Man

    Boss Man

    4 months ago

    Cybertruck, never happen it's a joke.

  87. Benjamin Ohloff

    Benjamin Ohloff

    4 months ago

    Just ordered my t-shirt. Thank you for all the great content here on this channel! Greetings from Germany!

  88. Draslan Papaker

    Draslan Papaker

    4 months ago


  89. Maarku


    4 months ago

    We need a shirt with just Levi! Big graphic of Levi!

  90. Nic Thomas

    Nic Thomas

    4 months ago

    Andrew those are not B video's and should have been listed, I enjoyed everyone

  91. Tibor Garage

    Tibor Garage

    4 months ago

    mate your a LEGEND

  92. OETIOHeavyLifter


    4 months ago

    Need your lady friends to model those bikinis :)

  93. Brain Clerk

    Brain Clerk

    4 months ago

    you got a black eye Andrew ?

  94. baboon


    4 months ago

    you spawned like in a videogame lmao. great shirts!

  95. Daniel Burgin

    Daniel Burgin

    4 months ago

    Does he actually live in the castle tho I’ve seen a house on the Chanel b4

  96. George O'Max

    George O'Max

    4 months ago

    Andrew, if my cybertruck reservation is ahead of yours, you can have my reservation. I can't wait for you to get the cybertruck so we can all get to watch what you'll do to it. Got my t-shirt ordered!

  97. John Flanagan

    John Flanagan

    4 months ago


  98. Simon Lundmark

    Simon Lundmark

    4 months ago

    It wouldnt be a Dodge if the dash wasnt in Pieces Where is that t-shirt? Love the outside qoute from cylinder rebuild tho

    • CerebralAilment


      4 months ago

      I saw it in there I Think its called dash trim tool

  99. Thomas Lotito

    Thomas Lotito

    4 months ago

    I think I’d like a mug with Levi and Cody on it. But where is your snowmobiling video this year?

  100. Dominique Barq

    Dominique Barq

    4 months ago

    trop bien le mug