New starter in a D4 dozer

Installing a new starter motor in a Caterpillar D4C bulldozer.


  1. Jim Bruce

    Jim Bruce

    13 days ago

    If at first you don't succeed,,,,,,get a bigger hammer

  2. Randall Whipple

    Randall Whipple

    14 days ago

    You need some U joint sockets and rachet wrenches.

  3. Jinks Roche

    Jinks Roche

    15 days ago

    By God you would not do that to my machine haven't hands to wipe your ball sack

  4. Gabriel Ruvalcaba

    Gabriel Ruvalcaba

    18 days ago

    As I watch this video. ... And smoke this one JAY.... STARTING TO REALIZE I BOUGHT SOME BUNK'D WEED..

  5. Joshua Edwards

    Joshua Edwards

    27 days ago

    This is why I hate engineers

  6. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo

    28 days ago

    you think that starter was hard. try replacing spark plugs and spark plug wires on a chevy 5.3 liter.

  7. Aaron Abney

    Aaron Abney

    28 days ago

    Tonight on monday night raw Andrew camarata with a torch and skid steer vs bolt you cant see

  8. 2ridered2


    29 days ago

    What year is the dozer?

  9. Chris Helms

    Chris Helms

    Month ago

    I'm about to get a cutting torch and melt the starter outta here.......... God I know that tone, that feeling all too well.

  10. Ken Thompson

    Ken Thompson

    Month ago

    Now THAT'S persistence!! Love it!!

  11. Woody Woodlstein

    Woody Woodlstein

    Month ago

    9:48 you have to wonder of this is a first or not at all given how tight they made that starter. (Which is unusual for yellow steel).

  12. LaLa McQuoid

    LaLa McQuoid

    Month ago

    Andrew I have been using solar battery tenders for 2 years now !!! I got on Amazon for $25.00 they work on my 7.3 diesel and all my other trucks and tractors! They will save you all that aggravation

  13. Evgeniy Nikitin Music

    Evgeniy Nikitin Music

    Month ago

    disgusting tractor, very inconvenient to repair. Andrei's hellish torments. sorry :)

  14. Squish


    Month ago

    "Look how rusty this starter is" Starter: i been here longer than you been alive..🥱

  15. rick wendling

    rick wendling

    Month ago

    I am amazed Andrew (and others) doesn’t hit every nut and/or bolt with WD40 and wait a couple minutes.

  16. Rush Austin

    Rush Austin

    Month ago

    And I thought changing the oil filter on my old '90 Dakota was bad.

  17. thomas ackerman

    thomas ackerman

    Month ago

    the old buicks needed a u shaped wrench to access the upper bolt on their starters. just take an older wrench and heat it up and bend it. sorry to say you maybe just needed to clean the bendix in the solenoid. its a copper disk that may be corroded where strikes the contacts. or... the bushing in the nose of the starter could be ovaled out and need replacing.but nothing wrong with new if you can afford it . also you may have skipped commentary on it but briefly wire brush it then clean the clamp and cable with some kinda cola would be my first step. get a used plastic bottle cut it in half pour in coke. add the separated dissembled clamp and cable and let soak 15 min. discard coke. repeat. rinse with clean water. make sure to discard the cola so no one drinks it. and make sure not to toss your hardware with it. this cleans to a shiny copper or plated finish. allow to dry. reassemble . now coat with a spray on battery terminal protector. it will last a LONG time.

  18. The real american cowboy

    The real american cowboy

    Month ago

    Ratcheting wrenches amazing

  19. Binod Bhusal

    Binod Bhusal

    Month ago

    Very difficult to remove starter motor 😌

  20. Fook Utube

    Fook Utube

    2 months ago

    What was the yellow stuff you put on the battery cable,then later the pink stuff?

  21. Lil Asian Grocery LLC

    Lil Asian Grocery LLC

    2 months ago

    You just have to pull the motor to remove the starter 😂

  22. Scott Schaeffer

    Scott Schaeffer

    2 months ago

    See, they don’t want anybody working on their own dozer. Pay the dealer sixty bucks an hour instead.

  23. Will Rall

    Will Rall

    2 months ago

    This is a real working man. I have alot of respect for this guy.

  24. Alan Bosma

    Alan Bosma

    2 months ago

    Bet that wasn't cheap to replace that without a core starter?

  25. Chris Dockman

    Chris Dockman

    2 months ago

    I hate when jobs turn out like this one. Shit just happens. The correct way to take this starter out means you have a shop dedicated to repairing these machines.

  26. Американец на 97%

    Американец на 97%

    2 months ago

    I wonder what is written in the replacement manual? Replacing the starter. 1.See your nearest dealer for a serviceable. 2.mechanism. 3. Scrap the unusable product. 4. Continue to work, do not shut off the unit.

  27. Colby Barbour

    Colby Barbour

    2 months ago

    Andrew, if you could by a brand new pickup truck, which one would you choose?

  28. Teafanai Fanai

    Teafanai Fanai

    2 months ago

    Andrew why you prefered old things, you always buy second-hand vehicles. Why..!!! can you tell me the reason you buy like this...

    • Colby Barbour

      Colby Barbour

      2 months ago

      save money and new equipment isn’t always going to last like the old ones

  29. Manuel Ponce

    Manuel Ponce

    2 months ago

    @9:31 When He breaks out the Beak attachment You know somethings about to hit the fan.

  30. Chef Bobby Sponge

    Chef Bobby Sponge

    2 months ago

    If I had done that the block would have cracked. God bless your skills!

  31. Елена Сокол

    Елена Сокол

    2 months ago

    надо зажигание отрегулировать

  32. Robert Butler

    Robert Butler

    2 months ago

    What now it is a dozer when you bought it you called it a track loader have you made up your mind on what it is?

  33. Timothy Mckern

    Timothy Mckern

    2 months ago

    Get a bigger hammer

  34. Steve Johnson

    Steve Johnson

    3 months ago

    9/16 S-Wrench would probably do the trick.

    • Steve Johnson

      Steve Johnson

      3 months ago

      The Victor wrench did the trick in this case though. ha.

  35. installer


    3 months ago

    Andrew you are such a Craftsman when it comes to starter removal

  36. 12wing Wfetech

    12wing Wfetech

    3 months ago

    That starter is harder to get at than on most modern small cars

  37. capebretonengineer 101

    capebretonengineer 101

    3 months ago

    You know when you have too much equipment when you have a D4 with a six way blade sitting for one year.

  38. Brent Sutherland

    Brent Sutherland

    3 months ago

    Hello from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Great show’s thanks for sharing with us.

  39. A Stanton1966

    A Stanton1966

    3 months ago

    Boy was I mistaken. I always thought big equipment has big spaces to work in.

  40. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott

    3 months ago

    You could have had that plate off three times . My God what a butcher!!

  41. r phe

    r phe

    3 months ago

    Is it a bad starter or a bad solenoid as it is in a lot of cases

  42. heli-man-2007


    3 months ago

    I was waiting for him to tie the starter to a truck and rip it out then he gets the skid funny

  43. carbo2950


    3 months ago

    I will use the persuader.

  44. WAVETUBE84


    3 months ago

    There's gota be a easier way? If not, the designer of that machine should be put in front of a firing squad! That's f'd up. Straight up! Put the engineering team, who designed it, on it. And a time bomb! They have 20 minutes...tick-tock.

  45. cletrac 12c

    cletrac 12c

    3 months ago

    Now he better pull the motor and overhaul it. Real smart owner! doesn't even clean the mud out of the undercarriage, carrier rollers not even turning.

    • 〈•》Zynifi《•〉


      3 months ago

      It's an old machine, he probaly ( logically) doesnt care that much.

  46. Gene


    3 months ago

    I have asked myself on some of my used equipment, "who the hell worked on this thing?" Now I know...

  47. astafzciba


    3 months ago

    Caterpillar engineer out of all places, they decided to put the started so when it goes bad you have pull the engine out?

  48. Lloyd Bob

    Lloyd Bob

    3 months ago

    This could of used a big time power wash before next year, but other things are more important.Good morning Levi and Crazy Cody.

  49. Rose White

    Rose White

    3 months ago

    I don't see any blood.

  50. Rose White

    Rose White

    3 months ago

    this is ridiculous. are chinese bulldozer starts so awkward!

  51. davidmellott50


    3 months ago

    Engineering sometimes makes a person wonder if it was actually designed to be impossible to get out so the manufacturer would get to send his technicians out to fix it with specially designed tools, and collect a good fee.

  52. Ed Refeen

    Ed Refeen

    3 months ago

    You are very destructive

  53. Gustav


    3 months ago

    I think you need to have the injector pump and injectors checked over. Watch Wes Work has a really good place he recommends to have that done.

  54. Leor Baratian

    Leor Baratian

    3 months ago

    4:06 when you wish you bought ratcheting wrenches

  55. Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith

    3 months ago

    Brute force, while it's not always the best option, is ALWAYS an option.

  56. Darel Mowry

    Darel Mowry

    3 months ago

    never give up, never surrender

  57. Seán Ó Domhnaill

    Seán Ó Domhnaill

    3 months ago

    If all else fails, just smash it with a hammer!

  58. John Riggenbach

    John Riggenbach

    3 months ago

    "Let's Work On Someting Else".......

  59. Luiz Oliveira

    Luiz Oliveira

    3 months ago

    Saiu quebrando tudo, teria que primeiro tirar o pistão que está na frente, ele vai tirar um original e colocar um segunda linha, é muito burro.

  60. Luiz Oliveira

    Luiz Oliveira

    3 months ago

    kkkk, vai fuder mais um parafuso, ele não dá uma dentro, vai desmontar tudo.

  61. TheGuruStud


    3 months ago

    I would've wired up an external solenoid.

  62. Rémi Conan

    Rémi Conan

    3 months ago

    Belle leçon de maintenance. Bravo,Andrew!

  63. Shamir Ali

    Shamir Ali

    3 months ago


  64. TheJasonGenova Armwrestling

    TheJasonGenova Armwrestling

    4 months ago

    WOW!! I've watched you butcher a few things over the years but, what in the hell were you thinking here? You know service manuals are often free online for older equipment. I bet you there is a nice little section in there about starter removal, rebuild and replacement procedure. I can say with certainty there will be nothing mentioned about torches and skid steers to forcefully rip the f-ing thing out. What a total knob!!!

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      They want you to buy special tools and take the bottom plate off. I did not want to do that.

  65. Nice Guy

    Nice Guy

    4 months ago

    9:25 i lost my shit when i saw the bobcat

  66. Andrew Oborny

    Andrew Oborny

    4 months ago

    How old is this Dozer i have been looking at some D3s and D4s

    • Andrew Oborny

      Andrew Oborny

      4 months ago

      @Andrew Camarata good to know thanks for the quit reply. Love your videos have been a fan for a long time.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      @Andrew Oborny you should be able to get parts for cat, usually a cat dozer is the best, other than maybe Komatsu

    • Andrew Oborny

      Andrew Oborny

      4 months ago

      @Andrew Camarata i found a 1986 D4H LGP with a 6 way blade on FB marketplace. Are parts easy to come by or is 86 too old?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago


  67. Ron Mcwhirter

    Ron Mcwhirter

    4 months ago

    Glad this guy ain't my mechanic.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      But it got fixed.

  68. Mark G

    Mark G

    4 months ago

    Get some of those stubby wrenches man!

  69. Claudiomar Saraçol

    Claudiomar Saraçol

    4 months ago


  70. Seth Hackler

    Seth Hackler

    4 months ago

    How to change a starter.... Step 3 get a bobcat and a chain and yank that fucker loose...

  71. Oli Yarnold

    Oli Yarnold

    4 months ago


  72. Randall Hutchcraft

    Randall Hutchcraft

    4 months ago

    Get a bigger prybar

  73. John Monter

    John Monter

    4 months ago

    Andrew , Andrew , Andrew You did not even have to take the starter out in the first place to fix it . Seeing as you more than likely still have the old starter, take off the plastic cap that the wires bolt to ,on the solenoid , there is the contact plate that can be flipped over & clean the back of the bolt heads , reassemble baad boom bob is your uncle cost = $0

  74. Michel Chartrand

    Michel Chartrand

    4 months ago

    WTF do they(Cat.) make this operation so difficult to do,it's a friggin starter for ch...t sake,they should be sued for it.

  75. Alex 1

    Alex 1

    4 months ago

    They build things intentionally hard to try and force you to hire their mechanics.

  76. Turo


    4 months ago

    12:43 the light smile when the starter starts spinning

  77. Short Change

    Short Change

    4 months ago

    He doesn't have the right tools. Otherwise a piece of cake. I've done dozens of those things.

  78. CAToperator82


    4 months ago

    Any Caterpillar starter change is a nightmare.

  79. Good boy Ringo

    Good boy Ringo

    4 months ago

    Always remove the battery cable before the starter wire. I'm sure you did that but it wasn't in the video. Removing that starter bolt is nuts and to get it started back on would be crazy. Some how you always manage to get it done but you got luck pulling on the starter with one bolt still in it and not breaking the block.

  80. subterranean zombie

    subterranean zombie

    4 months ago

    what is the yello and purple stuff he sprayed on the battery terminals?

  81. Nicu Marc

    Nicu Marc

    4 months ago

    The ,,brave guys a CAT" make great engines and equipment but the access to starters are horrible!!!Itssame thing with an issue i had on a Peterbilt semi with a cat 15 in it....Good job Andrew!!Greetings from California!

  82. Ryan Allendorf

    Ryan Allendorf

    4 months ago

    I miss the craftsman impact.

  83. squidskunk


    4 months ago

    sledge hammer,digging pole,skid loader should be in everyone's starter replacement tool box.

  84. Highlordratick


    4 months ago

    Amazing how they design a 30 ton or whatever it weighs piece of equipment so you have to in from the bottom with only a foot of ground clearance.

  85. John Dawson

    John Dawson

    4 months ago

    Just love watching these videos, such variety, always interesting and great lab inspectors...

  86. Z W

    Z W

    4 months ago

    what was that he was spraying in the vent thingy at 13:45?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      Starting fluid

  87. Randy Talley

    Randy Talley

    4 months ago

    Wow. Zero room to work.

  88. Timothy Goodman

    Timothy Goodman

    4 months ago

    when i saw the bobcat show up, I lost it LOL good stuff man! :)

  89. Sarah Southgate

    Sarah Southgate

    5 months ago

    Was watching this and at the moment you started to grease up the bolts to replace the protective screen an ad for emollient face cream popped on followed by laundry detergent advertised for men. What a hoot! any way got over it and back to the “job at hand”!

  90. Kubota Oz

    Kubota Oz

    5 months ago

    I really look forward to your new videos. You really seem to have things dialed in. When I was young I kinda approached things in the same fashion as you seem to do. I absolutely despise the way most things are built. Most of this overpriced junk has not been engineered correctly. Its made to create a hell of a mess for the person who has to come along and repair it. I applaud your ingenuity 😀 Be careful and stay safe 😀

  91. Brad Denham

    Brad Denham

    5 months ago

    I bet Cat technicians would love to be able to yank the parts out with another machine. What a pain!

  92. Sharpshooter 250

    Sharpshooter 250

    5 months ago

    As soon as you had trouble , I knew something awesome was going to happen . You never give up . I don't think I have ever seen anything you can't fix .

  93. Angry welder

    Angry welder

    5 months ago

    The next video will be, "So I bought a new dozer."

  94. Breen Walshe

    Breen Walshe

    5 months ago

    Andrew just called in an air strike on the starter...................

  95. Josh Kelton

    Josh Kelton

    5 months ago

    When he got the hammer i laughed. When he got the skid loader i died laughing.

  96. Aaron Helland

    Aaron Helland

    5 months ago

    Hey Andrew you need to put a winch on that during thing that little D4 is a bareback and it's no good for that but a winch on it and keep your cat inside of a shed so when you're ready to use it it's good to go man winch shed

  97. The Groomer Guy

    The Groomer Guy

    5 months ago

    No bad words are said.... or some very good editing Andrew, I would of been swearing like an old sailor. lol The only thing that sounded a bit bad, dirty was at 12:09. go have a listen guys. Hahahahahahha!!!!!

  98. Thomas Brennan

    Thomas Brennan

    5 months ago

    When is the new video

    • Thomas Brennan

      Thomas Brennan

      5 months ago

      What day is

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      5 months ago

      IDK, when its ready.

  99. Darell Sunderlin

    Darell Sunderlin

    5 months ago

    Lucky is the word I was thinking of Mark G. Lol

  100. z28k5z71


    5 months ago

    Hack way to do a starter change. Wow. There is nothing funny about this.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      5 months ago

      Hack way to design a starter that doesn't fit right.