Plow truck maintenance

Working on a 2003 Dodge 2500 diesel pickup with a Western snow plow.
0:00 video intro, weld plow cylinder, unbend plow mount
9:10 fix tailgate
12:55 Install front axle U joint
27:08 Install new muffler
33:44 install new radio
38:23 snowplowing and outro


  1. Jason Daddo

    Jason Daddo

    3 days ago

    What a dude, of all the tools he has to cut the hole in the car he goes for a chainsaw 😂

  2. Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo

    11 days ago

    got to have the right tool for the job. chainsaws always make clean cuts. looking good

  3. Daymeian Richardson

    Daymeian Richardson

    13 days ago

    Quick tip for ya, take a bolt and weld it to the caps on the u-joint and put a big socket that fits over the cap on that bolt, then add a nut and go to town with your 1/2 inch Dewalt impact

  4. Jon dough

    Jon dough

    15 days ago

    I love how he thinks every vehicle should last 50 years or have a 50 year warranty

  5. captainjerk


    15 days ago

    ANDY! I want you to install my new Blaupunkt in my Ferrari! LMAO :D

  6. Javi G

    Javi G

    18 days ago

    Andrew I've heard you mention twice now how you'd like to enclose the open air garage where your lift is, because of the snow, may I suggest those metal roll up security blinds one sees on stores to secure the window openings, that way it would still be open air whenever it's not snowing, and be in your favorite material "Heavy Metal" ok cool, can't wait to see the video on it. Love your dogs!

  7. Javi G

    Javi G

    18 days ago

    Andrew on the universal joint, would'nt the press do a better job of taking off, sure you might have to weld a rig for it, but them you'd have a new tool in your arsenal. I hope you're not offended by some friendly criticism/suggestion, cause that's not my intent.

  8. Javi G

    Javi G

    18 days ago

    Ok Andrew are you slip'n or did you not think that needed a brace after you flattened it on the press, so it would never kink again, now I learned that from watching you.



    24 days ago

    the way you handled the U joints, cant say im a fan but hey if it works it works

  10. Eamon McDonnell

    Eamon McDonnell

    Month ago

    Oscar winning "Panel Beater".!

  11. Blaz Saggin

    Blaz Saggin

    Month ago

    34:31 i never thought i would hear someone say it

  12. mrmatalino


    Month ago

    Me: "Andrew has almost 1M subscribers, why doesn't he just go buy a new truck?" (watches video) Me: "Oh".

  13. xkguy


    Month ago

    Surprisingly few auto shops have a chain saw handy.

  14. Pronostic_88


    Month ago

    The chainsaw 🤣

  15. Tm Bruno

    Tm Bruno

    Month ago

    Hack of the wiring says the guy modifying the dash with a chainsaw……I love you man!!

  16. anthony john ramsey

    anthony john ramsey

    Month ago

    it could be the hose

  17. Gta5hunter Salmons

    Gta5hunter Salmons

    Month ago

    Can u please stop talking bad about how a vehicle is mad it looks like that because of u

  18. Gary McCully

    Gary McCully

    Month ago

    The chain saw surgery was a little unexpected, but effective.

  19. Squish


    Month ago

    I thought you weren't gonna plow with this truck and keep it nice, you've already taken a sledgehammer to

  20. The real american cowboy

    The real american cowboy

    Month ago

    Plastic you'll die in tho so try like a carbon fiber one instead

  21. The real american cowboy

    The real american cowboy

    Month ago

    Shoulda installed a drain in your shop

  22. LaLa McQuoid

    LaLa McQuoid

    Month ago

    If Ford would either put the international engine or Cummins engine back the truck would be perfect!!! But Dodge has the Cummins and a junk body it's crazy

  23. LeverageLifestyle


    Month ago

    lmaooo chainsaw to the dash got damn. That is definitely a first. FacK! The faceplate doesn't fall off of it, that's what it's got!

  24. kyle landers

    kyle landers

    Month ago

    It's like a ford that's made of plastic they break quick not like a bulletproof chevy

  25. Cameron Velthuis

    Cameron Velthuis

    Month ago

    When Chevy made a composite bed, nobody bought it!

  26. Phil Rodger

    Phil Rodger

    Month ago

    Hang a series of sliding barn doors that can stack at one end across the front of your shop shed so it can be open in the summer and sheltered in the winter.

  27. Freddie Fastmachine

    Freddie Fastmachine

    Month ago

    I wonder if Andrew is familiar with AA's keep it simple stupid. Life's biggest obstacle is being swayed by pure BS of others.

  28. Strelok blackburn

    Strelok blackburn

    2 months ago

    should of lathered that wheeel bearin up in antisleeze. makes it nice to change when u live in a rust prone region

  29. Woody Woodlstein

    Woody Woodlstein

    2 months ago

    Close in the shop ? Did I hear that right ? Lol. The open air shop is your signature . “You get used to the cold I like the cold doesn’t bother me “. You finallly getting old Andrew ? No shop has a view like yours. Cold , snow and wind but open air Panorama . You Gotta love Andrews philosophies.

  30. Bvda


    2 months ago

    you didn't think about using a dremel to cut the dash lol?

  31. Bert G

    Bert G

    2 months ago

    The Radio segment cracked me up. Professional installation...

  32. Bert G

    Bert G

    2 months ago

    Order the cylinder...

  33. Eric Albertson

    Eric Albertson

    2 months ago

    How does Andrew not have a self tapping screw sponsor lol

  34. Mike G

    Mike G

    2 months ago

    Why is the top comment not about operations supervisor Levi

  35. Grant Thomas

    Grant Thomas

    2 months ago

    Watching you do body work is so satisfying

  36. Pauline Holden

    Pauline Holden

    2 months ago

    I love watching his videos but I like to see read the comments some are funny

  37. Robert Savilonis

    Robert Savilonis

    2 months ago

    When I die I want to come back as one of Andrews dogs ! Those guy's are happy as shit year round.

  38. david smith

    david smith

    3 months ago

    Good to see the dogs again and old Levi riding in the back and Cody young as he is running alongside he can almost reach your speed but then he doesn't need to steer a vehicle just run Andrew why bother with the sledge hammer as with the chainsaw and fitting the radio just bring in the Yanmar and pound it with the bucket lol Great video as usual very informative

  39. James Breault

    James Breault

    3 months ago

    You should torque those lug nuts ,i know in texas they have to be torqued at 6 lbs

  40. James Breault

    James Breault

    3 months ago

    Body work ala Andrew 😆

  41. Brent Sutherland

    Brent Sutherland

    3 months ago

    Hello from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Great show’s thanks for sharing with us.

  42. Jeff Harder

    Jeff Harder

    3 months ago

    I think it's time to get something a little newer that doesn't have tons of body damage.

    • Colby Barbour

      Colby Barbour

      3 months ago

      but it will get damage eventually

  43. Gene


    3 months ago

    I knew you'd break the ABS sensor lol.

  44. Edward Weber

    Edward Weber

    3 months ago

    I wish you had put radiant heat piping in the floor before proceeding with your build. You could lay on your back on the concrete and be toasty warm

  45. the2060ish


    3 months ago

    Radio goes in chain saw comes out.. Nice repairs..

  46. polk4pres


    3 months ago

    We need to get a whistlindiesel collab where cody absoulutely mangles a truck then Andrew makes it 100% oem mint again.

  47. Chief 717

    Chief 717

    3 months ago

    thats some surgical saw work. I would have chewed through the firewall. nice control. :)

  48. George K

    George K

    3 months ago

    You should go to youtuber skotty kilmer to check out your truck!

  49. Aaron Vannatta

    Aaron Vannatta

    3 months ago

    35:26 "Alright so a 'previous owner' decided to hack up the wiring...."

  50. William Thomsen

    William Thomsen

    3 months ago

    Did I just see someone fix the tailgate and bodywork on an entire truck with only a sledgehammer?

    • William Thomsen

      William Thomsen

      3 months ago

      @Andrew Camarata badass

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      3 months ago

      Yes, professional work right there.

  51. FreezyAbitKT7A


    3 months ago

    we got a rusty ford super duty with a plastic plow last fall... hint... spare hydro lines and fluid in the tool box

  52. Liam Moran

    Liam Moran

    3 months ago

    The humorous picture exceptionally join because door rarely amuse than a receptive command. subsequent, vagabond pajama

  53. Roger Chu

    Roger Chu

    3 months ago

    38:01 "all right that's a pretty professional radio install right there" lol

  54. Tyler Richardson

    Tyler Richardson

    3 months ago

    For a minute I thought I was watching South Main Auto 🤣🤣🤣

  55. AequitasSaints


    3 months ago

    Andrew. What tires would you recommend that are aggressive yet still good with highway driving in rain/snow? 2015 chevy Silverado

  56. Michael Vollmer

    Michael Vollmer

    3 months ago

    Now, I have seen nearly the most of your videos and I am always satisfied when you do some repairs and maintenance jobs on your equipment. Very good skilled kind of work. My deepest respect. So as an engineer, i would be more than happy to have a guy like you in my team. Cheers from 🇩🇪👍😎

  57. Jesse Coldsmith

    Jesse Coldsmith

    3 months ago

    Why do I buy junk equipment

    • Jesse Coldsmith

      Jesse Coldsmith

      3 months ago

      Why do you buy junk equipment

  58. Ronny Stormo

    Ronny Stormo

    3 months ago

    Haha radio install with a chainsaw...epic stuff

  59. Bob Elliott

    Bob Elliott

    3 months ago

    BEST video ever... I love the chainsaw. Stay Safe.

  60. William T. Musil

    William T. Musil

    3 months ago

    Somehow I knew when you said "I'm gonna put a radio in it" that the chain saw was coming out again, lol.

  61. mikebright85


    3 months ago

    i saw install radio in the time stamps.. and got excited for chainsaw action! I havent gotten that point in the video yet but im really hopin theres a chainsaw lol

  62. R Williams

    R Williams

    4 months ago

    Andrew, having a lot of problem viewing this video. This has happened on others too. Cannot get back to it after an ad completes. Video time line below picture is "yellow" instead of "red". Do you know what is going wrong? Have left feedback to USgone as well. Really enjoy watching all your videos.

    • R Williams

      R Williams

      4 months ago

      @Andrew Camarata Had only tried one other that I have on subscription list; that seemed to be okay. Had been watching your videos now for a few hours and all seemed okay if I hit the "skip ad" button; "red" line continues to play across screen with video. Will let you know if it happens again. Thanks for getting back to me.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      This is the first I have heard of that problem. Is it with other peoples videos too?

  63. Brandon Fogg

    Brandon Fogg

    4 months ago

    The chainsaw in the truck😂😂

  64. my drone life

    my drone life

    4 months ago

    I have a dog skip he does the same thing Cody does when you set something down he'll grab it and run off with it I found out the easy way to get something back is to offer skip something else and he'll drop what he has in his mouth to get the other thing try it out

  65. Oleg


    4 months ago

    38:00 that could not look any worse lol... next time use a soldering iron with scalpel fitting on top of it for cutting plastic

  66. Cherie Boe

    Cherie Boe

    4 months ago


  67. Country Boy Leon

    Country Boy Leon

    4 months ago

    You the Man!!

  68. Reece Daniels

    Reece Daniels

    4 months ago

    It’s like whistlindiesel but he’s not even trying

  69. Robert Weir

    Robert Weir

    4 months ago

    How I understand Andrew. This is pure entertainment. Never do what Andrew does, but watch how he gets it done. Went out and bought the shirt with the picture of his dash and chainsaw.

  70. Deraco1


    4 months ago

    Never have I ever seen someone take a chainsaw to their dash because it would take too long to take all the bolts and stuff out, that was hilarious!

  71. Mm


    4 months ago

    Didn't know I wanted or needed a dual drive orange ratchet, I google it and find a black one on tractor supply, read comment section two people are like does it come in orange camo like Andrew Camaratas? Lol

  72. Steve Hutton

    Steve Hutton

    4 months ago

    a chainsaw omg

  73. mikem mikem

    mikem mikem

    4 months ago

    OK now I've seen it all. Installing a new radio with a chainsaw. You should send the clip to America's funniest videos.

  74. Peter Gouvignon

    Peter Gouvignon

    4 months ago

    you could of painted the brackets black on the radio install!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Александр Абъятанов

    Александр Абъятанов

    4 months ago

    работаешь болгаркой убавляй пожалуйста звук когда монтируешь видео

  76. Tuco 86

    Tuco 86

    4 months ago

    Working mans truck

  77. Billmetal


    4 months ago

    Andrews Frame Straightening Service....Shop tools include sledge hammer and ratchet strap.

  78. Y F

    Y F

    4 months ago

    Plastic strip door will keep snow and rain out without hampering access. Cheaper than walls and door too.

  79. flon


    4 months ago

    I can see that I can see that Levi has Cataracts in his eyes, check that out please

    • this guy

      this guy

      4 months ago

      It's probably an old dog, it happens pretty often

  80. LionHeart0808


    4 months ago

    @12:07 yeah its plastic which means it can break fairly easy. I have several ATV's and a UTV that the plastic is completely broke off in half from hitting rocks and logs on the trails.

  81. Pete Pe

    Pete Pe

    4 months ago

    Previous owner haked up the wiring! " there is a plug " chimes in a quiet voice in the background

  82. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf

    4 months ago

    I lost when he breaks out the chainsaw I lost it 🤣

  83. Toon Cooijmans

    Toon Cooijmans

    4 months ago

    Loved the precision chainsaw work :)

  84. Ethan Peters

    Ethan Peters

    4 months ago

    only Andrew would try and weld a hydrolic line to his plow to stop it from leaking.... lol

  85. Brent Walter

    Brent Walter

    4 months ago

    He brought a chainsaw in to do the work… this is why I watch this man

  86. Jason Lubold

    Jason Lubold

    4 months ago

    Love the dog just chilling in the driver's seat while he's working on the truck. Smart dog

  87. HighCountry Homestead

    HighCountry Homestead

    4 months ago

    Hey Andrew. Thanks man. The ujoint section saved me. I’m doing mine now

  88. Tony Scott

    Tony Scott

    4 months ago

    That's one way to put in a new radio

  89. The Hard Work kid

    The Hard Work kid

    4 months ago

    And if it is a Diesel

  90. The Hard Work kid

    The Hard Work kid

    4 months ago

    Always go with a performance exhaust if it is a v8

    • The Hard Work kid

      The Hard Work kid

      4 months ago

      True, but love the videos keep up the great work

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      No, its loud and usually takes away power.

  91. michaelrck


    4 months ago

    Where can I get me one of those Radio hole cutters?

  92. matthew kirichkow

    matthew kirichkow

    4 months ago

    Andy, you would do yourself a huge favor to wear hearing protection while in the shop, grinding, banging etc. I didn't take my own advise and have paid the price for it.

  93. Faye


    4 months ago

    lol levi gets a biscuit, cody got a piece of wood

  94. Life with Lilah Marie

    Life with Lilah Marie

    4 months ago

    Love the videos, but a torch is my favorite tool, remember that haha

  95. Bad Santa

    Bad Santa

    4 months ago

    Grease is the word.

  96. Arr Azz

    Arr Azz

    4 months ago

    34:53 fast cutter

  97. K Shea

    K Shea

    4 months ago

    i like his style of bodywork lol

  98. poromise


    4 months ago

    34:53 "Hey guys, ChrisFix here, today I'm going to show you how to fit a new radio in your car"

  99. Good boy Ringo

    Good boy Ringo

    4 months ago

    Those ABS wires break all the time and cost 100.00 for a new one, junk in my opinion . That chain saw did the trick !

  100. Raymond McNamee

    Raymond McNamee

    4 months ago

    You should buy a sander for the truck