Pulling down a tree with a wheel loader

Using a Cat 930 wheel loader to pull a dead hickory tree down that was leaning towards power lines. Then using a mini excavator to stack the wood.


  1. Colin l

    Colin l

    5 days ago

    When in doubt bring out the hammers.

  2. bigrebone


    15 days ago

    plenty of good wood to use in the smoker.

  3. South Street Barbecue

    South Street Barbecue

    17 days ago

    A pile of that hickory would look really nice next to my smoker...

  4. Nik Markland

    Nik Markland

    20 days ago

    When he climbed up on that bucket to tie the tree up the “shake hands with danger” song started playing in my head

  5. André Pereira

    André Pereira

    20 days ago

    Rest in peace Levi.

  6. Neal O'Russa

    Neal O'Russa

    22 days ago

    That firewood pile looks like a future snake hideout!

  7. Elliot Saxon

    Elliot Saxon

    22 days ago

    What are your thought on ur MS251?

  8. Dale Premo

    Dale Premo

    25 days ago

    Now on to the next job....

  9. Anastazia Valvaine

    Anastazia Valvaine

    25 days ago

    you can see that Levi was no longer doing well here, his last time on a video. R.I.P. Buddy ..

  10. Ian Stradian

    Ian Stradian

    Month ago

    Tools workshop has those style ratchets with the spike on the end.

  11. Thomas Yerbey

    Thomas Yerbey

    Month ago

    I enjoy watching your videos Andrew 🇺🇲

  12. Oleg Ivanov

    Oleg Ivanov

    Month ago

    К гадалке не ходи - то живое дерево, к которому свалили эту кучу веток, то же потом засохнет и придётся и его спиливать.

  13. Tree Hugger

    Tree Hugger

    Month ago

    yeah stihl rocks! greetings from austria :)

  14. Freddie Fastmachine

    Freddie Fastmachine

    Month ago

    rigging up for a short video like this would take Hollywood a million. How does this guy do it? OOOhhhh Yeah no actors!

  15. Freddie Fastmachine

    Freddie Fastmachine

    Month ago

    what did it cost Andrew to make this video? Cheaper than paying Tom Hanks 25 million and a cut to act as the bulldozer driver. big movie Hollywood etc has had it when their space fantasy runs out.

  16. Russell Clement

    Russell Clement

    Month ago

    Those type of tools would be called Podgy Spanner where I live ,,, Riggers use them to line up bolt holes when erecting steel

  17. The90forts


    Month ago

    Your lucky that Osha didn't see this video

  18. climatixseuche


    Month ago

    @4:25 hobby osha inspector here, I would like to have a word with you Andrew xD

  19. andrewcobra2000


    Month ago

    14:01 Levi front left leg.

  20. Arthur Dickinson

    Arthur Dickinson

    Month ago

    ... a lot of BBQ supplies there, Andrew...

  21. Georgy Rogers

    Georgy Rogers

    Month ago

    Rip Levi 13:21

  22. dave despain

    dave despain

    Month ago

    Of the many skills he possesses, weaving drones through treetops is one of his most underrated.

  23. Sinkkonen


    Month ago

    JCB 535-95 telehandler in test: usgone.info/award/video/fNiKrpq2qp2c2Ls

  24. John Orr

    John Orr

    Month ago

    Oh wow a mislabeled video of felling a hickory tree.

  25. Reg McGrath

    Reg McGrath

    Month ago

    Tractor supply sells then , 21.99 now. JobSmart 14 in. Dual Drive Spud Ratchet with Hammerhead, 3/8 x 1/2

  26. mpampis gkantinas

    mpampis gkantinas

    Month ago

    καλησπερα απο την ελλαδα μπραβο σου φιλε κανης πολυ καλη δουλια

  27. Rich Ryan

    Rich Ryan

    Month ago

    Could you chip the hickory and sell it or pass it on to a bbq smoking place? Great content as ever: thank you. 🇬🇧👋🇺🇸

  28. Sly


    Month ago

    I can guarantee you one thing there isnt must this cat cant do.

  29. geekdiggy


    Month ago

    i thought i'd never see that mini kubota in action again! i love that little thing!

  30. Bryan Norton

    Bryan Norton

    Month ago

    Alright cable is tight ! I love it

  31. VortechBand


    Month ago

    3:11 "That is tight!" Barely an inconvenience!

  32. my surly trucker

    my surly trucker

    Month ago

    Love the new machine, so impressed with thi mini.

  33. Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell

    Month ago

    How do you always have something to do

  34. Ronvoril


    Month ago

    Hey Andrew ! My grandfather/father figure was a heavy equipment operator for the Army Corps of Engineers for 50 years and he has long passed away now but He would say that your "Rubber Tarred Loader" Needs a clamshell bucket. I have seen him make Many a camp ground and many many roads with one. thought you might find a clamshell bucket dead useful and quite fun to use.

  35. Casey Palmer

    Casey Palmer

    Month ago


  36. Mark Util

    Mark Util

    Month ago

    @Andrew Camarata I just found one at my local TSC (6-3-21) for like $10. It was called: Utility Spud Ratchet Wrench. 3/8 and 1/2 inch drives. spike, and a small claw hammer built into it.

    • Mark Util

      Mark Util

      Month ago

      @Andrew Camarata it was black. Like a powder coat or some kind of oxide. Not the exact same thing, but seems to have the same features. Edit: Love the videos. You've helped me through this tough time and brought me some zen and some good ideas for home. Thank you so much.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      Was it orange or black?

    • Mark Util

      Mark Util

      Month ago


  37. Tim Ring

    Tim Ring

    Month ago

    Frontend loader.

  38. BassBoosterzz


    Month ago

    Are you gonna repaint the loader? It would really like it.

  39. Hornhausen


    Month ago


  40. Tom


    Month ago

    Good to see Levi and Lacey

  41. Sparkyplug Clean

    Sparkyplug Clean

    Month ago

    They made those ratchets with a hammer and claw as well as the spud for a while.

  42. ElTelBaby


    Month ago

    @ 7:35 I didn't expect it 2 go that way...

  43. ElTelBaby


    Month ago

    @ Now that is over kill... What that's saying Oh yes... Using a Sledge Hammer 2 crack a nut... ROFL

  44. Mike L60

    Mike L60

    Month ago

    Nice job that was a close one

  45. Squish


    Month ago

    Another great vid brother, that's one tiny Xcavator..lol Im hoping to replace my chainsaws soon, some ****** stole both my stihls

  46. Eddie Galois

    Eddie Galois

    Month ago

    Oh my god, he cut a wedge out.

  47. kirrilian


    Month ago

    Not exactly the same but here's a similar one: www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/jobsmart-14-in-dual-drive-spud-ratchet-with-hammerhead-3-8-x-1-2

  48. Davin Crook

    Davin Crook

    Month ago

    You need a sawmill! One of the few tools missing from your arsenal.

  49. Brian Schrand

    Brian Schrand

    Month ago

    Out of all the equipment you own I very surprised that one of them isn’t a tree chipper.

  50. Glenn Farrington

    Glenn Farrington

    Month ago

    Anybody know what size that excavator is? I need something that handy.

  51. Yoram Sadot

    Yoram Sadot

    Month ago

    I wonder how he does the aerial view

  52. Yoram Sadot

    Yoram Sadot

    Month ago

    To be like Andrew you must have a good up bringing to start. Aman

  53. Yoram Sadot

    Yoram Sadot

    Month ago

    Avry woman dream come true

  54. Yoram Sadot

    Yoram Sadot

    Month ago

    This guy is a gift from God

  55. Yoram Sadot

    Yoram Sadot

    Month ago

    Her we go again Andrew the wonder man all ways doing a project

  56. Shazoen Nawaz

    Shazoen Nawaz

    Month ago

    hey andrew i'd love to see more footage of that screw type stump grinder if ya got it. that thing is so cool

  57. mrbunnylamakins


    Month ago

    Must be a good boss if your assistant branch manager runs around in glee.

  58. Karl Diekman

    Karl Diekman

    Month ago

    JobSmart 14 in. Dual Drive Spud Ratchet with Hammerhead, 3/8 x 1/2

  59. Rob D

    Rob D

    Month ago

    4:28 OSHA approved bucket inspection technique...

  60. DSG31662


    Month ago

    Has the craftsman drill finally died ?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      Month ago

      It has not.

  61. Steve Albers

    Steve Albers

    Month ago

    Shag bark Hickory. The best smelling firewood you can have.

  62. Alexandre Fernandes

    Alexandre Fernandes

    Month ago

    HI Andrew, riding on portuguese. Sou Alexandre do Brasil sigo seus vídeos à um mês realizo meu sonho através do seu canal no Brasil equipamentos como os seus custam 5 vezes mais. Sei soldar e fazer outras trabalhos manuais. Te desejo sucesso e Boa saúde Andrew. 🇧🇷🇺🇲

  63. Dan Daniel

    Dan Daniel

    Month ago

    Ok next on the list of big men's fun play toys .I say and earth mover or one if those huge mining dump trucks . Your going to have to grow your parking area if you keep buying more big boy toys LOL .but I suppose you have that whole side hill to turn into a big parking lot or you could just park them around the curve in your driveway before it heads up the hill to your castle . Your a king like no other my man. Always fun to see what your doing in the next video. I'm waiting for the helicopter landing pad and you flying in on your new 🚁. That would be cool. Then you could fly your equipment to the next job . Your skills are immense and your knowledge of everything is truly amazing 👏

  64. manlyminnesotan


    Month ago

    I wish I could give an extra thumbs up for Levi... Poor old doggie...

  65. Chris Venning

    Chris Venning

    Month ago

    Hickory wood looks like Oak and makes lovely furniture, I had one milled to make 1and two inch thick 16 feet long.

  66. David Caldwell

    David Caldwell

    Month ago

    "It's down and the lines are still up" such a simple quote, it boggles the mind how many 'professionals' might not have been able to say that. Andrew, what was that huge thing you piled all that wood next to, a huge log, or a huge stone?

  67. Alf's Assets

    Alf's Assets

    Month ago

    Andrew Camarata Can you not sell the hickory? Got to be worth something to someone?

  68. Reubenb 1027

    Reubenb 1027

    Month ago

    Some good firewood there

  69. Reubenb 1027

    Reubenb 1027

    Month ago

    I always wondered about the ratchet. Sucks they dont carry them anymore

  70. Dave Calvo

    Dave Calvo

    Month ago

    Andrew, you should have just cut up the tree into log lengths for firewood and loaded the bucket of the pay loader then hauled it to your business with the dump truck, Hickory is great wood for heating. Just seems kind of a waste to let it rot?

  71. Salman Zafar

    Salman Zafar

    Month ago

    Levi getting old. That beautiful dog.



    Month ago

    Just had to find something to do with the loader. I can relate. I do the same on new to me vehicles. That high lift tracked vehicle is now just a tracked vehicle I am pretty sure. It popped up somewhere but no video yet.

  73. Paul Gioioso

    Paul Gioioso

    Month ago

    Always a pleasure watching your videos. But damn Andrew climbing up the loader to put a cable on a tree from the bucket. OSHA would have a field day with that

    • Paul Gioioso

      Paul Gioioso

      Month ago

      What happened to the lift on tracks??? Being Tied off in that is much safer.

  74. Bama Patriot

    Bama Patriot

    Month ago

    I bought a similar ratchet from TS. Here is the link to the one I have. www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/jobsmart-14-in-dual-drive-spud-ratchet-with-hammerhead-3-8-x-1-2###

  75. gamlagubbengren


    Month ago

    4:30 shake hands with danger

  76. Ronald Couture

    Ronald Couture

    Month ago

    they still have them rachets at the tractor supply stores in rhode island

  77. Fishing Dfdubb

    Fishing Dfdubb

    Month ago

    9:25 HAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I feel out of my recliner! 🤘🔥👊

  78. Carson Tabbert

    Carson Tabbert

    Month ago

    I’ll take all that wood off your hands that stuff could last me 4+ years in my smoker

  79. Ben C

    Ben C

    Month ago

    I would really like to see a video of the loader getting restored and painted. I really enjoy seeing you bring life back to the older machines.

  80. Somer


    Month ago

    Hickory you say. Send some of that my way. I have a smoker that would like to talk with that hickory.

  81. Kart Man

    Kart Man

    Month ago

    I think they still have those ratchets but changed them to black I just bought one a little while ago

  82. Chase Bodiford

    Chase Bodiford

    Month ago

    great job buddy and great video as always 😎👊🏻👍🏻

  83. Rusty Axle

    Rusty Axle

    Month ago

    Love to see you paint the wheel loader ,great video 👍👍

  84. Don Jensen

    Don Jensen

    Month ago

    oh look tree leaning towards power lines .... time to get out the new tonka truck. thanks for sharing

  85. Karl Walton

    Karl Walton

    Month ago

    That’s some nice hickory firewood right there

  86. Stuart Andrews

    Stuart Andrews

    Month ago

    Good interesting video on Andrew here.usgone.info/award/video/iq-jq6eYmGbNttk

  87. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift

    Month ago

    poor Levi is feeling old and tired.....

  88. Jim Athey

    Jim Athey

    Month ago

    OLD LEATHER SMITH here, tractor supply has the duel wreches in grey in the store, I purchased 3 of them 4 less than 9.99 each, I gave 2 of them 2 friends, GOD'S BLESSINGS ✝️⚾🙃

  89. Max Knoke

    Max Knoke

    Month ago

    Finally after two years he answered my question about the wrench…lol

  90. RAY BAME


    Month ago

    AC - nice video, no advice, no negative comments, keep'um coming.

  91. Brody Semchuk

    Brody Semchuk

    Month ago

    WHERE did you buy a new orange camo dual socket spud wrench??????? i need to find out how to buy one that ships to canada!!

  92. Leo Cartwright

    Leo Cartwright

    Month ago

    Australia Calling: I so much envy you on all your tools what you can do, how neat you are when you complete a job

  93. Rob Bristow

    Rob Bristow

    Month ago

    Should be a good few axe handles in that lot of hickory

  94. Seth Wells

    Seth Wells

    Month ago

    I’ve got a few of those ratchets from tractor supply, bought them on sale for like $6 and I have used and abused those like no other and have beat on them and beat with them. Still holding up. My local TSC still carries them just in the powder coated black not orange. I also like how simple the design is and beefy it is. Just a little lever on the side to change direction, no springs or none of the other stuff like your regular ratchets.

  95. MetalDrumCore


    Month ago

    Looks like TSC still sells them but they sure have gone up and now they don't have camo. www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/jobsmart-16-in-dual-drive-spud-ratchet-1-2-x-3-4 www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/jobsmart-14-in-dual-drive-spud-ratchet-with-hammerhead-3-8-x-1-2

  96. Im no Rookiecowboy pt2

    Im no Rookiecowboy pt2

    Month ago


  97. chas jacks

    chas jacks

    Month ago

    In America it is called a front end loader. I guess it can be used to load wheels?

  98. Marti woodchip

    Marti woodchip

    Month ago

    Could of left a good 15 standing for the woodpeckers to have a nice dead snag for years to come but that obviously is not something that you seem to care about.

  99. Navy Bean111

    Navy Bean111

    Month ago

    Dang Andrew, you have all the cool big boy toys. hahaha

  100. Adrian Carter

    Adrian Carter

    Month ago

    Hammering that on scewed best way to wreck the thread .