Removing part of a barn

Operating a compact track loader:
0:00 project explanation
2:23 brush mowing
9:55 Removing trees around the barn
30:53 fixing a rubber track
35:28 Demolishing half the barn
46:11 Loading trash in dumpsters
1:01:11 Removing hay from inside barn
1:08:30 Removing trees too close to the house
1:11:17 Lab inspection and outro

Video of fixed barn: (Hasn't happened yet)


  1. mike scott

    mike scott

    Hour ago

    Been alot cheaper to throw a match in it and start fresh. But then I wouldn't have had all this entertainment. That was very generous of them!

  2. Marcelo Durvi

    Marcelo Durvi

    10 hours ago

    Aqui isso se chama desmatamento

  3. Cassaundra Gilchrist

    Cassaundra Gilchrist

    16 hours ago

    That machine is a beast!! Great equipment and skilled use of it. Thoroughly interesting from beginning to end. Loved how they fixed the tread on that smaller excavator.

  4. David Zadroga

    David Zadroga

    21 hour ago

    Why didn't you just burn it. You had lots of room.

  5. Tinker Cooper

    Tinker Cooper

    Day ago

    Wish you were located in Tennessee

  6. Tinker Cooper

    Tinker Cooper

    Day ago

    You are good..

  7. Randy Butler

    Randy Butler

    Day ago


  8. Eddie Patterson

    Eddie Patterson

    Day ago

    Andrew would you mind removing those trees from the house? Andrew: I’m on it. Pulls them up with skid steer. He saved those worker’s backs by using the mini excavator to remove the hay along with the skid steer

  9. saleh muliana

    saleh muliana

    Day ago

    😂😂😂 amazing

  10. Alexandr Hrouz

    Alexandr Hrouz

    2 days ago

    And now that they have a nice clean surface, they can use Flex Tape to repair that roof.

  11. Christopher Gerry aka Uncle Chris

    Christopher Gerry aka Uncle Chris

    2 days ago

    You should get or make a root rake for the bulldozer. Lot easier than the skid steer.

  12. Eduardo Alberto Rodriguez

    Eduardo Alberto Rodriguez

    2 days ago

    Buena porquería la que han hecho. ¿Cuantos pájaros u otros animales han quedado sin hogar? ¿Cuanto oxigeno menos hemos perdido de tener? HORRIBLE !!!

  13. jsblake199


    3 days ago

    I find myself moving my neck or shoulders to help him! Also, I hold my breath when there is dust!

  14. carlos cezario

    carlos cezario

    4 days ago

    muito 10



    5 days ago

    Get a frame under it n go!

  16. Dominador Darang

    Dominador Darang

    6 days ago

    Thats the good machine for clean- up of area

  17. Min-Dak Wood Hound

    Min-Dak Wood Hound

    6 days ago

    Box elders can be quite a pest. Clean up looks awesome.

  18. fidji adji

    fidji adji

    6 days ago

    vous avez pensé à la faune qui vivait dans ce bois ?

  19. Min-Dak Wood Hound

    Min-Dak Wood Hound

    6 days ago

    Not sure which is more stubborn, Andy or that tree. Andrew 1. Tree 0

  20. manordell


    6 days ago

    impressive work . competent and skilful. and so tidy/clean.

  21. Ciobanu George

    Ciobanu George

    7 days ago

    This man is built for distruction! :)

  22. Deborah Maultsby

    Deborah Maultsby

    7 days ago

    Another awesome job

  23. Ab Normal

    Ab Normal

    8 days ago

    You are having way too much fun

  24. Melindahaynes


    8 days ago

    Best videos ever!

  25. Eileen Raman

    Eileen Raman

    8 days ago

    Amazing job , great patience ,Well done .

  26. Craig Stewart

    Craig Stewart

    9 days ago

    What an amazing piece of equipment..hydraulic or PTO. You sharpen your own blades?

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      8 days ago

      Hydraulic. I never sharpen blades.

  27. Hilda Way

    Hilda Way

    9 days ago

    Wow great job you make it look so easy ,which I am sure it's not well done

  28. Florida Adventures

    Florida Adventures

    9 days ago

    That bush hog made easy work of that. 👍

  29. FlyGuy716


    10 days ago

    could of saved a bunch of money burning the wood

  30. FAT_Cat


    11 days ago

    that was a really nice video

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      10 days ago


  31. NewbFixer


    11 days ago

    I remember when you bought the bush cutter attachment and i was like ok yeah it will work... But WOW this job shows how effective it really is. Worth every penny.

  32. John Petermann

    John Petermann

    11 days ago

    Disgusting…that would have taken me weeks to do. Thanks!

  33. Surendra Dakshin

    Surendra Dakshin

    11 days ago

    Never imagined i would be binge watching Andrew Camarata this is full of suprises...

  34. منوعات قناة المتحدة

    منوعات قناة المتحدة

    12 days ago

    انت عظيم و اله عظيمة

  35. Big Jay

    Big Jay

    12 days ago

    If you're ever planning on keeping a structure always make sure the roof is in good shape. Doesn't take long for It 2 rot away once the roof falls in disrepair. Always good to see an old barn being saved they are getting farther and in between...

  36. Razida Valeeva

    Razida Valeeva

    12 days ago


  37. Vivo Vivo

    Vivo Vivo

    12 days ago


  38. steve clark

    steve clark

    12 days ago

    Helluva job pal

  39. brad koste

    brad koste

    13 days ago

    just mow this field a couple times with the huge branches and logs laying all over. lawn, yeah right

  40. Владимир


    14 days ago

    WELL DONE!!!! RESPECT !!!!

  41. Владимир


    14 days ago

    МОЛОДЕЦ!!!! УВАЖАЮ!!!!

  42. Mira Kocharova

    Mira Kocharova

    14 days ago

    I hate cars that destroy everything.

  43. Kazım Coşkunoğlu

    Kazım Coşkunoğlu

    15 days ago

    Teknolojinize ve iş ahlakınıza hayranım. Süper aletlerle çok güzel işler yapıyorsunuz. Helal olsun, bravo size.

  44. R K

    R K

    15 days ago

    Fantastic video!!!! Thank you

  45. Patricia Galloway

    Patricia Galloway

    15 days ago

    People will pay a lot for that barn wood!

  46. Александр Котляров

    Александр Котляров

    16 days ago

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  47. Andreas Sehrer

    Andreas Sehrer

    16 days ago

    Tolles Werbevideo

  48. Diana Collins

    Diana Collins

    16 days ago

    You’ve got to love a brush hog!

  49. Wisconsin Central Productions

    Wisconsin Central Productions

    16 days ago

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  51. Emiliya Asvarova

    Emiliya Asvarova

    18 days ago

    сжечь на месте проще было-бы .

  52. Scott Schaeffer

    Scott Schaeffer

    19 days ago

    Question: Do we cut brush because it’s there?

  53. Thomas Owes

    Thomas Owes

    20 days ago

    Thats a strong little machine!

  54. y00h0011


    22 days ago

    RIP Levi. Job well done.

  55. Арман Басаров

    Арман Басаров

    22 days ago

    Хер его знает, как у Вас там в Америке.. у нас в СНГ однозначно этот амбар сожгли бы в одном костре с деревьями

  56. TheTextralian


    22 days ago

    The last place I'd be standing is inside a rickety old barn while half was being demolished... Just sayin.

  57. Ipkiss aragon

    Ipkiss aragon

    22 days ago

    The lil tractor 🚜 that could!!!

  58. valleyfarm


    22 days ago

    if that barn had a metal roof, this would have never been needed

  59. Мишенька и Шарик

    Мишенька и Шарик

    23 days ago

    Where is this in New York? I'm from Tompkins county.

  60. jake broesky

    jake broesky

    24 days ago

    why am i watching this again?

  61. Tranquil Swan A-Z

    Tranquil Swan A-Z

    24 days ago

    This wee thing is so versatile its a multitool.

  62. robert skene

    robert skene

    24 days ago

    Andrew cody and dynomite.what a shoo

  63. robert skene

    robert skene

    24 days ago

    Sould be wearing gloves.blood infections are not pretty.

  64. robert skene

    robert skene

    24 days ago

    Which part of the building do i raze. right left or middle.his right or my right or is it vice versa. What the hey take it all down.

  65. eli galler

    eli galler

    24 days ago

    If something seems to be impossible to handle, Andrew: hold my beer.

  66. Николай Яковлевич

    Николай Яковлевич

    24 days ago

    Столько труда потратили, дешевле обошлось бы поджечь сарай а пепел рассыпать по полям

  67. Truth Shark

    Truth Shark

    24 days ago

    The dumpster truck is called a hook lift, rather than a cable pull.

    • yehiel tam

      yehiel tam

      22 days ago


  68. Truth Shark

    Truth Shark

    24 days ago

    I did demolition for over 20 years. I always sold the lumber off every job. BARN WOOD is actually a highly sought after commodity. It sells for more than new pine. And I saw you crash right into the side and ruin it all. You could have sold that barn for as much or more than you got paid to demo the job. Everyone says their on a time frame, but the profit would well make up doing another job. I always bid the job with materials being an extra profit. Instead of paying to get rid of the wood, people would pay you for it, and you save the dump fees besides, making it well worth the trade off.

  69. Agathon


    24 days ago

    "if you made my dog bigger and coated him in brown he'd get along great with those other big dogs with those hoofs."

  70. Agathon


    24 days ago

    Jeez Louise.... Let 'im loose and he'll destroy all planetary plant life as we know it. What a menace !!!

  71. Руперт Вайт

    Руперт Вайт

    25 days ago

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  72. peter tripp

    peter tripp

    25 days ago

    poor old levi

  73. Dry Roasted

    Dry Roasted

    25 days ago

    Your drone operator during the demo sequence did a great job.

  74. Jay Roye

    Jay Roye

    25 days ago

    Damn nice job

  75. Nick Taylor

    Nick Taylor

    25 days ago

    The pitch of your Drone's blades sounds like a nest of Hornets! Mine has a little lower tone but a smidge louder.

  76. Arctic Circle

    Arctic Circle

    26 days ago

    5-6 loads of wood could have shredded and it would have mixed with the soil. Waste of watching foolishness. There are such people around us who deserved the title 😀😂😀😂

  77. Chợ Gỗ Hố Nai

    Chợ Gỗ Hố Nai

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  78. Senia Senior

    Senia Senior

    26 days ago

    Buen trabajo, fuerte máquina. Amigo deberias llevar cabina en esa máquina, en los desbroces hay nidos de avispas , arañas venenosas, serpientes, hiedras con veneno y palos con púas que te pueden atravesar, Cuidate!

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    Kieu Tram Nguyen Phat

    26 days ago

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  80. Junie Moon

    Junie Moon

    26 days ago

    Cut the trees off then dig up the roots. (faster) Less possibility for damage.

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      26 days ago

      That is slower.

  81. Jacob Van den berg

    Jacob Van den berg

    27 days ago

    Wat een kut ,,muziek"...

  82. Mark Thayer

    Mark Thayer

    27 days ago

    great job

  83. John Dondero

    John Dondero

    27 days ago

    Love watching this guy work. He’s got every machine to do any job. All he has to do is put in some sound effects of a helicopter for his drone and I’d believe it. Lol

  84. Rick


    27 days ago

    its a like a bigger WALLE :D so awesome!

  85. Javi G

    Javi G

    27 days ago

    Boy sure looks like a lot of fun, tearing up some shit, what a great job you have, and getting paid on top, F'N A!

  86. Patsy Wedman

    Patsy Wedman

    28 days ago

    What a thrill to watch. Andrew, you are a master.

  87. Jurld


    28 days ago

    How do you know how much to charge for work like this? I've always wondered how much people in this line of work would pay yourself an hour and how much you'd charge for this much work?

  88. C J

    C J

    29 days ago

    A wolverine in machine form. So satisfying to watch.

  89. LM Disposal Services LLC

    LM Disposal Services LLC

    29 days ago

    one of the best investments for your business would be one of those hooklift dumpster trucks. We have one ourselves for our dumpster rentals and demo jobs, they are super convenient and much easier to maneuver than the cable style trucks. Your videos are great, keep it up man.

  90. W.A.


    Month ago

    There's more ad time than actual video length. Look at all those yellow bars. Didn't even watch the whole video.

  91. boris sigalov

    boris sigalov

    Month ago


  92. Thomas Yerbey

    Thomas Yerbey

    Month ago

    Great Job Andrew 🇺🇲 I love watching your videos 🇺🇲 looks great 🇺🇲 from Florence Alabama 🇺🇲

  93. James Black

    James Black

    Month ago

    Are you playing kick ball 😂 with the stump

  94. FreakCascade


    Month ago

    I watch this shit like podcasts and I don’t appreciate the sound of a mower on full volume lol

  95. Wojciech Zakrzewski

    Wojciech Zakrzewski

    Month ago

    great work. surprised on how capable this little machine is

  96. Dan Person

    Dan Person

    Month ago

    Bro great taste in background music 🎶🦾

  97. Marie Sophie

    Marie Sophie

    Month ago

    Very interesting video. I often wondered if Andrew ever found anything interesting in the dirt like Indian or Colonial artifacts in any event this was a very enjoyable video. 👍

  98. Cameron Brown

    Cameron Brown

    Month ago

    Nice lawn mower i could have some fun with that beautify man toy

  99. Tim Gee

    Tim Gee

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    Brandon Smith

    Month ago

    Nobody can ever accuse you of babying your equipment .