Replacing trailer axles

Working on a 5 ton equipment trailer with hydraulic surge brakes:
0:00 Replacing trailer lounge master brake cylinder assembly
4:01 1 year + remove axles, brakes, suspension
13:35 install new axles, suspension, brakes
32:35 Demonstrate problem with trailer not going in reverse
37:16 install block off valve to fix reverse problem
There some grey dodge footage in here, and some excavation footage.



  1. Нели Попо

    Нели Попо

    Day ago

    Собачка как руки ему оижить благодорыть ево какая любовь г хозяину своему



    Day ago

    Lifetime of a Dodge is five years.



    Day ago


  4. Robert Patterson

    Robert Patterson

    3 days ago

    I've been around heavy equipment for 35 years. This guy is an excellent mechanic/ jack of all trades! Hands down!

  5. Henry Wilkins

    Henry Wilkins

    3 days ago

    como se llama el lugar en donde vivis

  6. Henry Wilkins

    Henry Wilkins

    3 days ago

    te sigo desde australia muy buenos tus videos y que te gustan los perros

  7. Juniper the Jeep

    Juniper the Jeep

    6 days ago

    I'm glad I live in the Rockies where it's too cold for them to salt the roads. We use sand on the roads, which means less rust.

  8. John


    7 days ago

    19:53 Andrew should create a car and sell it. There's a market/desire for this vehicle he's talking about.

  9. Marcelo Braz

    Marcelo Braz

    9 days ago

    Congrats, Mr Camarata! Nice to see you on the right way using protection helmet, gloves and taking care of security. This comes first. Leading by the example - we’d like to see it in all places all the time for you and those that learns with you. Best regards from Brazil.

  10. Peter Frey

    Peter Frey

    9 days ago

    I have two tandem wheel trailers both use electric drum brakes they don’t have reverse braking problems uphill as the brakes only operate when brakes are activated. The brakes are proportionally applied by a brake controller in the tow vehicle which is fully adjustable for the load and road conditions. All trailers over two tonnes must have a battery system that applies its brakes if it separates from the tow vehicle. No need for hydraulics, with that we also have a mechanical hand brake for operation without tow vehicle. I’m sure you must have these over there. Thanks for the great videos - been watching till late hours!

  11. Joe W. Harris

    Joe W. Harris

    9 days ago

    Andrew, you must be successful in your business. You seem to have an endless supply of money.

  12. Andrew Stoll

    Andrew Stoll

    10 days ago

    I'm to the point if I look at a bolt/ nut that will break I just get the torch and heat it up right off the bat.

  13. Tambo Snipes

    Tambo Snipes

    10 days ago

    You gotta start employing people to help you man otherwise your going to get tired real fast

  14. Michael Paquin

    Michael Paquin

    12 days ago

    Wish trailers had an independent suspension system

  15. Josh Welch

    Josh Welch

    13 days ago

    Did you ever sell that lathe? Looks like a nice one. Love older machinery, like that drill press. Great video as expected!

  16. david riccitiello

    david riccitiello

    14 days ago

    You will have same issues if you don't lube those threads and nuts. Little never seize doesn't hurt

  17. embrj145


    14 days ago

    I started watching this channel for the excavation videos and stayed for the maintenance videos...

  18. patrick5507


    15 days ago

    wondering what brand dual ratchet he has been using? the orange one that is...

  19. Юрий Макаров

    Юрий Макаров

    15 days ago

    17:21 Our most important assistants!

  20. john carlberg

    john carlberg

    15 days ago

    I painted my boat the same color as his old truck. Smoke gray!

  21. john carlberg

    john carlberg

    15 days ago

    No greasy dogs!

  22. AptSon


    15 days ago

    At the start of the video when you had the thing on jack stands, you hopped up on top of the trailer to test its integrity. I thought forsure you were going to tackle the spare wheel lmao...

  23. Colin Graham

    Colin Graham

    15 days ago

    Another perfect video, flying sparks, big hammers, buckets of grease, rockin' dogs oh and more grunting than a Wimbledon ladies tennis final - lol!

  24. Veysel Gökay TUNALI

    Veysel Gökay TUNALI

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  25. Alan Burton

    Alan Burton

    16 days ago

    The electric brake should maybe be connected to the truck reversing lights making it automatic.

  26. T S

    T S

    16 days ago

    Reminds me of an old Chevy pickup I used to own. I would ash between my legs because there was no floor, lol. took me years to stop ashing on the floor of other cars/trucks...

  27. Vladimir Zakharov

    Vladimir Zakharov

    16 days ago

    The dog is funny, knows where to run)))

  28. Angelo Rossi

    Angelo Rossi

    17 days ago

    WD 40 ??????

  29. FLYBOY123456789


    18 days ago

    Well done Andy...after cutting off that first bolt...I was on my way to buy a new trailer...thanks for the headlamp tip...

  30. Jeremy Allen

    Jeremy Allen

    18 days ago

    I want a ratchet like that anyone have a link?

  31. William Speedy

    William Speedy

    18 days ago

    Looks like you need to take that pressure washer and shoot it under the traitors a time or 2

  32. William Speedy

    William Speedy

    18 days ago

    New or old videos you are just a awesome person stay real

  33. Printer 55

    Printer 55

    19 days ago

    Dude I have the same surge brakes on my boat trailer, and I had the same problem, so I just cut two blocks of hardwood, and blocked off on both sides of the slide so when you back it won’t employ the brakes. Oh you were right, it was a PIA to have to get out. I would have loved the switch in the cab

  34. reb_01


    20 days ago


  35. Ryan Hogan

    Ryan Hogan

    20 days ago

    Why not hook to the reverse lights??

    • Ryan Hogan

      Ryan Hogan

      19 days ago

      @Andrew Camarata yeah, I think disengagement for engine breaking thing was nice., too bad you went after that hitch first, could have just gone electric… but you did well, I think the line lock will work great, you can also use it as an emergency brake to hold the brakes engaged.. great videos..

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      20 days ago

      That could have been done, and I left the wire there so it can just be changed by moving a plug. Its nicer on the switch because sometimes you might get in a situation where the brakes are already on before being able to get it in reverse. And its nice to be able to turn the brakes off if going down a big mountain.

  36. Jon dough

    Jon dough

    21 day ago

    You need to start doing murch like shirts with your sayings like , measure never drill 3 times, here it is stuck again in nothing, feels like I'm going to buy new parts after this, or a check list impact tourch grinder. I believe people would buy the mp

  37. keigan9006


    21 day ago

    Hey Andrew, I have been re-watching some of your repair videos. You have a tool that I would like to add to my collection. It is that orange ratchet wrench. It has the 3/8 drive on one side and a 1/2 drive on the other. Also, it has that flat section on the head that you could use almost like a hammer, if you need to give a bolt a little more encouragement. I think that you supplied some info on how to get one of those on a different video. Could you please supply that info again. I would like to get one of those ratchets.

  38. Y Pop

    Y Pop

    21 day ago

    When you said I am replacing it all I thought a good time for disk breaks

  39. David O

    David O

    22 days ago

    Always amazed now when bolts break loose for you.

  40. Kevin Corbin

    Kevin Corbin

    22 days ago

    Classic Andrew, let’s fix the brakes, yeh nah I’m just going to replace everything

  41. John Janczyn

    John Janczyn

    22 days ago

    Was that pickup in a demolition derby

  42. Mamerto Mamaclay

    Mamerto Mamaclay

    22 days ago

    You,re very talented person you,re great man

  43. Oriana helena Carvallo calderon

    Oriana helena Carvallo calderon

    22 days ago

    Hola andrew te saludo desde santiago de Chile

  44. Perry


    23 days ago

    I agree on the drum brakes. I bought some self adjusting electric breaks for an old Airstream and they are much better than the non-adjusting. I thought of disk breaks as well. Good that you replaced everything but I like the grease fitting on the end. You take it to someone and they will put a teaspoon of grease in those bearings and they will last about a year at that rate. I keep stuff well greased and never had one fail. Can you do hydraulic surge disk brakes?

  45. Oriana helena Carvallo calderon

    Oriana helena Carvallo calderon

    23 days ago

    Pone subtitulos en español gracias

  46. Oriana helena Carvallo calderon

    Oriana helena Carvallo calderon

    23 days ago

    Hola guapo te felicito por todos tus trabajos eres un joven muy inteligente te saludo desde santiago de Chile

  47. westside8530


    24 days ago

    The coupler (cut) is common for making axle fit each trailer. Especially on mobile home axles to smaller trailers. Just have to make sure they are straight. Also a good way to get brakes on a trailer and know the axle is stronger than original for used axle swaps.

  48. greg m

    greg m

    26 days ago

    I put the video on the big tv, put on my ear muffs and sit close to it and it feels like I’m there.

  49. Kieren Hudson

    Kieren Hudson

    26 days ago

    In the UK we have a TV show called scrap heap challenge. You would definitely win it if you applied!!! 👍🏻

  50. MC Smith

    MC Smith

    27 days ago

    You are collecting equipment at such a rate that at some point you are going to have to hire someone to either operate or maintain the equipment..

  51. Martial Deniaud Osiris Maât

    Martial Deniaud Osiris Maât

    28 days ago

    Bonjour (Hello) Andrew, I'm French 💙🤍❤, j'adore tes vidéos, t'es un super bosseur, je t'adresse mon Respect ! 👌👍👏👏👏🤝 I'm PATRIOT ALWAYS !!! 💪💙🤍❤USA😉

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    susan miles

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    The many boat consecutively rescue because cap inversely note amongst a exciting exclusive cannon. meaty, four frail software

  53. Randall Whipple

    Randall Whipple

    29 days ago

    Don't forget to retorque the lug nuts and u bolts. :)

  54. Randall Whipple

    Randall Whipple

    29 days ago

    I throw those cheap nylon spring bushings away and use a piece of conduit. Lasts a lot longs Andrew.

  55. Vernon Hopkins

    Vernon Hopkins

    29 days ago

    Someone should send this man another one of those ratchets for when his breaks! I believe it’s a Tractor Supply ratchet…

  56. Ray Owens

    Ray Owens

    29 days ago

    Andrew gives nuts and bolts a count of ten to loosen. They make it to ten? Time to cut them puppies out. Ain't got time for all that nonsense

  57. Alex Fisher's Family Vlogs

    Alex Fisher's Family Vlogs

    Month ago

    Anyone else know Andrew could fold rock!? 44:15

  58. xF Patriot

    xF Patriot

    Month ago

    The whole brakes lasting life of vehicle thing you said is kind of a thing in some cases like my new wheeler uses a wet brake design, where the brakes have disks that sit in the rear differential that are always covered in diff oil and they don’t wear out, they’re meant to easily outlast the life of my wheeler!

  59. YoungAnglerReviews


    Month ago

    cody is such a good boy!!! reminds me of a yellow lab I used to have

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    Gary Scyphers

    Month ago

    I've noticed your welding has improved. Lessons maybe or USgone?

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    johnny d

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  62. Rocketeng1


    Month ago

    Aerokroil!!!!! Or 50% trans fluid and 50% acetone. Spray on your bolts let sit and they come apart much easier. Best stuff I’ve found.

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    reg greenslade

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    Alexis DeVille

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    andrew joseph

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  70. Gene Goodman

    Gene Goodman

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    Roberta Christeen

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    Jonathan Couch

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    Fishing Dfdubb

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    Fishing Dfdubb

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