Testing new snowblowers

Testing some new Toro snowblowers.


  1. Jim Vet

    Jim Vet

    19 hours ago

    good-job boss..



    2 days ago

    Time to go get the plow truck!



    2 days ago

    Now order tire chains.

  4. Mark Williams

    Mark Williams

    2 days ago

    Who else thought he was gonna back over them with the side by side 😂

  5. Zachary Williams

    Zachary Williams

    6 days ago

    put some chains on the wheels to stop the sliding

  6. The real american cowboy

    The real american cowboy

    7 days ago

    We're these sent to you for free to test out

  7. Jack Fairweather

    Jack Fairweather

    9 days ago

    Personal Pace is great on mowers. I have a Timemaster with that feature which works great. I certainly can understand your point about it not being a great feature on the snow thrower due to wheel spin, etc.

  8. GRW


    10 days ago

    Cody is certifiable. Hates water unless it’s hot, fights abominable snowblowers, barks at cold starts.

  9. Paul Brasier

    Paul Brasier

    11 days ago

    July 17th and I'm watch a grown kid and his dogs snow blowing his castle roof...🤔

  10. SVETOK1


    18 days ago

    Это какой-то сумашедший сын миллионера чтоли?

  11. John D II

    John D II

    Month ago

    Snow falls fast there 0:41.

  12. 2000triathlete


    Month ago

    I never thought I’d be entertained by watching a guy snow blow his walkways! But I can’t seem to stop watching. Looking forward to the end result😆

  13. LaLa McQuoid

    LaLa McQuoid

    Month ago

    I worked on a job one time and they made a big garage door that was made out of steel frame that had to be 10 feet high and 150 feet long with a copper sheathing that went up on two big hydraulic shafts In Blue Bell Pa when it went up it also acted like a big roof !!! The house was huge all steel made to look like a big factory with a glass front !!! The owner had around 20 exotic cars and he could drive a few in to his living room never seen anything like it !! Till I seen your castle!!! Coolest job I ever worked on!!!!!!

  14. LaLa McQuoid

    LaLa McQuoid

    Month ago

    Andrew has 1helper Cody

  15. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Month ago

    Your dog sure likes playing in the snow !!! 🎄🎄🎄

  16. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Month ago

    Your dog sure likes playing in the snow !!! 🎄🎄🎄

  17. 12wing Wfetech

    12wing Wfetech

    Month ago

    Take the wheels of and grease the shafts or they will seize on . Ask me how I know that .

  18. Cj


    Month ago

    That small blower really does a great job. It looks to be more manual operated, but it really shoots out that snow. Well maybe the medium size is the go getter. That big one kicks butt too.

  19. 1armedguy


    Month ago

    I'm surprised how well the small blower did knowing the snow was fresh .

  20. Squish


    Month ago

    Next video : So i mounted 3 snowblowers to my plow

  21. Phil Rodger

    Phil Rodger

    Month ago

    Perhaps some sliding barn doors that can slide to one end and stack for the summertime would work well for your lift shed.

  22. MedjOOL Maker

    MedjOOL Maker

    2 months ago

    you ever try snowblower or plow attachments on your skid steers?

  23. donktheclown


    2 months ago

    0:42 where did all the snow come from?

  24. Giovanni Gutierrez

    Giovanni Gutierrez

    2 months ago

    Andrew, Levy and Cody are the first and second stars of your video. Thanks for allowing us into your strong work ethic and your love of these pups. Continued success. I'll keep watching and telling others!

  25. j Kajje

    j Kajje

    2 months ago

    I hate snow

  26. Karl Childers

    Karl Childers

    2 months ago

    Shooting the snow at the camera, GREAT SHOT!

  27. Sonny C

    Sonny C

    2 months ago

    the second smallest one seems to be the one that worlked the best watching the video wheels werent skipping or spinning..

  28. Rickbearcat


    2 months ago

    Holy shit, this is awesome.

  29. Roger Camp

    Roger Camp

    2 months ago

    Good old Levi or Cody doing the quality management

  30. Raw Blow

    Raw Blow

    2 months ago

    Seemed like the 1st and 3rd blower was the best? The 2nd one didn’t seem powerful enough, or engine problems?

  31. James Phelan

    James Phelan

    2 months ago

    Good work fid u try levi on cod liver oil or this will sound mad bud but cdb oil

  32. Alisa Dennis

    Alisa Dennis

    2 months ago

    Dhujkm_g. K ..}”

  33. Stevan Vukovic

    Stevan Vukovic

    2 months ago

    Vau kakve masine😲👍

  34. Robert Wood

    Robert Wood

    3 months ago

    I work for a multimillion flat landscape and lawn business and all we use are those tiny blowers. One person can handle it and they are cheap and easy to fix.

  35. CooCooKaChoo


    3 months ago

    Any company that truly stands behind their product, give one or three to Andrew and he'll put it to the test.

  36. scanjett


    3 months ago

    Damn you barely made it home, 10 seconds longer and you would have been buried in snow🤣

  37. Rawdawg Nation

    Rawdawg Nation

    3 months ago

    I've never seen snow, looks like a pain in the ass

  38. byAlex


    3 months ago

    _Cody so happy with flying snow __5:19_

  39. Jace Noto

    Jace Noto

    3 months ago

    How are you envisioning closing in that building?

  40. lakesideinc


    3 months ago

    im very surprised that you dont have a snow thrower for your skid steer

  41. 4X4 Rules

    4X4 Rules

    3 months ago

    Levi is the best

  42. JJ T

    JJ T

    3 months ago

    Andrew have you ever thought about a 4x4 tractor with front loader, heated cab, You have a snowplow on the front loader and a snowblower on the Rear 3 point? Good option From own experience, I know you can never have enough equipment.

    • JJ T

      JJ T

      3 months ago

      @Andrew Camarata ok no worries had to ask :) never used a pick up plow before not usually seen here in Northern Europe

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      3 months ago

      I have a four-wheel-drive tractor, I’ve never really cared for cabs on equipment, they’re usually more annoying than they’re worth. Generally the best machine for dealing with snowy driveways is a pick up truck with a plow on it.

  43. Mister Bojangles

    Mister Bojangles

    3 months ago

    Cody is watches every move you make every screw you set if he had a pair of hands you have the best helper in the world, but he doesn't need hands to be a good supervisor that's why he makes the big bucks mr. tire change for those power Maxes but you know that

  44. griff Hall

    griff Hall

    3 months ago

    here another person with spade shovel knocking it down comes in handy. excellent content Andrew!!! what if toro or Andrew designed a 4 wheel drive blower, it always wants to climb up work. let the machine do the work...

  45. Amberly Delmage

    Amberly Delmage

    3 months ago

    Fock joe

  46. Cyril Katatak

    Cyril Katatak

    3 months ago

    I'd love to see you weld up some tire chains & if it helps traction on the smaller machines. 'course I live in Cali & don't know much about snow blowing. Like the vid. Tks

  47. Sharilee Slater

    Sharilee Slater

    3 months ago

    Knowingly snowblowing rocks etc that really shows alot of brains

  48. Jesus Salcido

    Jesus Salcido

    3 months ago


  49. Jersey Tom

    Jersey Tom

    4 months ago

    20:05 I am really surprised that pile took 0 shear pins to go through

  50. Tree Climber

    Tree Climber

    4 months ago

    Fun vid - snowblowers have Really exploded price wise several yrs ago. Grab those Spring Sales if you can !!

  51. James Wright

    James Wright

    4 months ago

    I guess that answers that tight spots

  52. James Wright

    James Wright

    4 months ago

    Why wouldn't you have a blower that hooks up to skidsteer

  53. beernutsonline


    4 months ago

    Perfect snowblowersnow!

  54. Mr. Steve

    Mr. Steve

    4 months ago

    this is why Andrew loves old(er) machinery: from his documented experience, all the first/earlier models have proven to be efficient, durable & reliable compared to the so called "newer improved" models

  55. Dewaine Jeske

    Dewaine Jeske

    4 months ago

    You're gonna ruin your big blower blowing through a pile of snow with gravel and ice mixed in it. There are no shear pins on the augers of Toro equipment. Wow!!😔 Toro makes great machines... Extremely durable as everyone can see.

  56. Yohannan Mathai

    Yohannan Mathai

    4 months ago

    Which country

    • engineer gaming

      engineer gaming

      3 months ago

      @Yohannan Mathai Arizona

    • Yohannan Mathai

      Yohannan Mathai

      4 months ago

      @Andrew Camarata which state

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago


  57. John Brannen

    John Brannen

    4 months ago

    You’re auld dog is thinking, I wanted to stay in front of the fire but nooooooo you take me outside in this, damnit I’ll piss on your bed for this

  58. John Brannen

    John Brannen

    4 months ago

    I’d like to have a snow blower bu I don’t get enough snow to justify having one but I still want one

  59. Lar Simin

    Lar Simin

    4 months ago

    God bless cody & levi.

  60. Outdoor experience Germany

    Outdoor experience Germany

    4 months ago

    I Wonder If you can do other Things with this Like blowing grass or leaves.

  61. phil


    4 months ago

    probably one of the best snowblowing vids out there. Kudos!

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      That is nice to hear, thanks.

  62. Tod Morrison

    Tod Morrison

    4 months ago

    Do they make a snow blower that hook to one of your machines? If not I bet you can make one.

  63. Dave N

    Dave N

    4 months ago

    i think the first one did the best job

  64. Brad Schuh

    Brad Schuh

    4 months ago

    Is that a snowbank or homemade ice cream 🍦 🍨 with Oreos?

  65. Brad Schuh

    Brad Schuh

    4 months ago

    I see you’ve saved the best for last

  66. Felix Reali

    Felix Reali

    4 months ago

    we get one day of snow a year in Ireland so this video was really enjoyable to watch. thanks for sharing

  67. korey Okeene

    korey Okeene

    4 months ago

    Hey just a thought. Not sure if you think the same but the skids/skies on the side of the opening of the blower that ride on the ground. That will eventually grind away. Suck balls and I've welded old used chopped up break pads to just for more material to grind away from sliding on the ground. Still sucks. I've thought of a few other ways of improving them skids but one that would be the best I don't have the means of building. The idea is 2 steel or hard plastic balls per side in some kind of slim skid in replacement for the cheap crap they put on the blower!!!

  68. Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen

    Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen

    4 months ago

    should have gotten a snowblower attachment for your tractor

  69. Chainsaws And Firewood

    Chainsaws And Firewood

    4 months ago

    Electric start on snowblower is great when or if your pull cord snaps or been damaged otherwise due to weather condition (for those who can't store it inside).

  70. kornischon


    4 months ago

    long time ago i didnt see his gf...

    • kornischon


      4 months ago

      @Andrew Camarata oh... ok. I wish you all the best. Regards from Poland!

    • Andrew Camarata

      Andrew Camarata

      4 months ago

      I am single.

  71. flemming engel

    flemming engel

    4 months ago

    a water hose with cold water is faster and easier than your machine and so it does not make noise

  72. Honey BearMom

    Honey BearMom

    4 months ago

    “Cody, do you know about that sock?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Gregory McLean

    Gregory McLean

    4 months ago

    Your helper seems to love the snow :)

  74. David Cooke

    David Cooke

    4 months ago

    Glad you resisted the urge to snowblower the roof - as spectacular as that would be

  75. Faye


    4 months ago

    i thnk cody is wearing his orange mask wrong

  76. Jayden Remlap

    Jayden Remlap

    4 months ago

    I like that last one You used

  77. Bradwick1


    4 months ago

    What model is that smallest one? BTW... Dog treats (and most dog food) are tasty but the ingredients are devastating to their health. Your vet will disagree because its a big part of the business model.

  78. Ken Walker

    Ken Walker

    4 months ago

    Good to see your dad out and about.

  79. Rusty Hawkins

    Rusty Hawkins

    4 months ago

    The tender tense freeze bareilly slap because jacket mechanistically test despite a wet bag. redundant, tan whiskey

  80. Sergei Abbitjakokov

    Sergei Abbitjakokov

    4 months ago

    Your dogs are really smart and seem like wonderful people.

  81. Mike J

    Mike J

    4 months ago

    You should try a tracked Yamaha, I have one, unstoppable

  82. Vince's Channel

    Vince's Channel

    4 months ago

    I am looking at the single stage and so far it seems to work pretty well from what I’m seeing!

  83. Tony Ioannoni

    Tony Ioannoni

    4 months ago

    If you send your products to Andrew to have it tested and reviewed, you must have a lot of confidence and faith in your product, because you well know he will put it through hell....and back a lot of times, before he will be satisfied, a guy that can install a radio in a dash of a pickup with a chainsaw, and remove hydraulic cylinders with an excavator, has absolutely no fears!!!

  84. Wolf in sheep's clothing

    Wolf in sheep's clothing

    4 months ago

    30 years in body and 12 in mind!

  85. ChristopherBix


    4 months ago

    Any other USgone channel would be talking endlessly at the beginning about how Toro had sent them these snowblowers to review. Andrew: Tortures the hell out of them, keeping viewers riveted, demonstrating the assembly process, the differences, functions, and strengths of each. Then gives simple and honest comparisons and reviews and mentions Toro had sent them for review. That, is kinda brilliant. And the perfect way to review products. One thing viewers know for certain is that Andrew will be 100% honest in his review. If anything, he’s going to go above and beyond to try to find a weak point and put it to the test. For Toro to do this shows a lot of confidence in their product, and if Andrew can’t make them fail, they’re damn sure good enough for me. Ha! And in addition to showing Shar each model can do it’s a great way for potential customers to choose which model best fits their needs. Win/win.

  86. Tony Price

    Tony Price

    4 months ago

    Do you think chains on the tyres would be of benefit ???

  87. Jim Beck

    Jim Beck

    4 months ago

    Put in a French type drain from that corner! Great summer project!!!

  88. Jim Beck

    Jim Beck

    4 months ago

    Always love the videos with your ole boy Levi!!!!! Makes my day to see him! Of course your videos are always great and informative!!

  89. Teddly


    4 months ago

    if you still have that bobcat concrete mixer, you could replace the gears to give a higher RPM, and use it as a snow blower

  90. Nate The Great

    Nate The Great

    4 months ago

    Andrew: Buys 3 new Toro snow blowers to test. Toro: Starts sweating profusely

    • Austin Brantley

      Austin Brantley

      4 months ago

      @Matt Reid at the end of the video. Thanks



      4 months ago

      Toro gave then to him free to test and review. Thanks

  91. DeaDDooM


    4 months ago

    Die Krupps- Worst Case Scneario

  92. Allen Sullivan

    Allen Sullivan

    4 months ago

    What not one for a skid steer..... Toro then another Toro and then yep another Toro....

  93. Rusty Thrombosis

    Rusty Thrombosis

    4 months ago

    Did you buy that 3 pack of snow blowers at Costco?

  94. Friedrich Wilhelm

    Friedrich Wilhelm

    4 months ago

    the Toro single stage is a good snow blower if the snow is 1-6 inch and can basically handle anything you can fit in the mouth BUT the 2 stage is trash not that it dos not work well but the carburetors are garbage 90% of the 2 stage toros and cub cadets we sell at work the carb will start leaking on the 2-4 use and stop running Honda, dwelt , craftsman, troy built all good out of the box

  95. Chris Suave

    Chris Suave

    4 months ago

    Ya know...if he gets snow blowers to test, Lazyboy should send me a few chairs.

  96. flon


    4 months ago

    Poor Levi 😢🤒

  97. Mustafa Bulut

    Mustafa Bulut

    4 months ago

    Süper olmuş

  98. Chakat Nightsparkle

    Chakat Nightsparkle

    4 months ago

    Need to put a drain near the sidewalk to move the excess water away. Could even use your Trencher Machine.

  99. Brian Eakes

    Brian Eakes

    4 months ago

    I'm so glad I live in Florida lol

  100. Tinda Mama

    Tinda Mama

    4 months ago

    The hoc celeste alternately stitch because dentist internationally disagree barring a frantic attempt. wiggly, wise blanket